News outlets are ablaze with the story of David Letterman’s recent tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. The interview (scheduled to air January 7th) centers on the Late-Night host’s recent scandal – the public admission of several affairs with various female staff members, including assistant Stephanie Birkitt. The affairs resulted in a blackmail plot by a […]

In WebMd’s article, “Why Women Cheat: Insights in common reasons why women have affairs,” by Tammy Worth, Tammy looks at the various reasons women may participate in extramarital affairs. Thea discusses the differences inherent in men and women and what drives them to cheat. She profiles one Thea, who turned to Internet Dating site, Ashley […]

Are you worried your marriage is over because of an affair? Does it mean you’re headed for divorce? Take heart, your marriage can be saved. Read the article below to learn the six steps to save your marriage after an affair. Six Steps to Save Your Marriage After an Affair After reading the article, please […]

Many of us believe that men initiate more affairs than women do but the fact is that the ratio is more like 50/50.  Women have just as many affairs as men do.  In fact, 50% of marriages are impacted by some sort of infidelity. Do you wonder about how to protect your marriage from infidelity?  […]