In an adventure that’s been making headlines, including a recent Time Magazine story, a 40-year-old Indiana writer is embarking on a massive undertaking – to ride his bicycle from coast to coast. This man, Eric Hites, felt like his life was in shambles – at the time of his fortieth birthday, his marriage was falling […]

Do you feel as if the romance is gone from your marriage?  Does sex feel like “wham, bam, thank you, m’am?” Do you want more or better sex? Do you feel like sex is a chore?  Do you just want to be wanted? Make Love Throughout the Whole Day One of the things couples have […]

Would you like to listen in on a conversation between Dr. Dana Fillmore, JW Najarian and Bob Schecter of  You’ll hear Dr. Fillmore debunk many myths about relationships, marriage and therapy.  Do you want the answers to these questions? Why do so many marriages fail and what can you do about it? What’s the […]