Over the last several posts, we’ve been working our way through a series on signs you’re in a healthy marriage. As we mentioned in previous entries, these points serve two main purposes: first, to help you see the good parts of your marriage you may be overlooking, and second, to serve as warnings that your […]

As we’ve been going through this series, we’re covering five different signs that your marriage is on the right track. These are useful in two important ways. First, if you’re overlooking the value of these marital qualities, you might be taking some of the elements of your relationship for granted… And this is your chance […]

Over the course of this series, we’ve been exploring the signs that your marriage is on the right track – qualities that indicate your marriage is healthy, but might be overlooked! These can also serve as warning signs that your relationship needs some work. As we cover each of these five signs, think about your […]

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on signs that your marriage is healthy and strong. We’re looking at various qualities that show how good you’ve got it (but might be overlooking). These signs can also serve as warnings for things that may be missing from the relationship – and provide a place to start […]

Over the course of the next several posts, we’ll be covering five signs that your marriage is healthy and strong. These are meant to help you evaluate two things – what you have in your marriage that you might be taking for granted, and what your marriage might be missing. If one (or more) of […]