When we think of affairs, our minds usually jump to the worst case scenario – sordid, physical interactions that betray trust and tear apart families, moments of indiscretion that have huge, lasting consequences… But not all affairs are like this. In fact, some “affairs” don’t even include any physical contact at all – but can

As we’ve discussed in the past, sometimes emotional affairs can be more devastating to a marriage than physical affairs. Not only are the two often linked, but we also tend to see emotional affairs as a more serious breach of intimacy and trust – not that solely physical affairs aren’t breaches of trust, but people can sometimes take even greater offense to emotional and psychological intimacy.

Emotional affairs can be somewhat murky territory. Because there aren’t necessarily clear definitions of infidelity – like there are with a physical or sexual affair – it can make the boundaries blurry, and sometimes the people involved don’t quite know that they’re doing something that could seriously damage their marriage.

When we think about affairs, most of us jump immediately to thoughts of physical infidelity, of a partner cheating by way of romantic physical contact with another person, but this isn’t the only kind of affair people have, and the other “type” can actually be more damaging to the health of your marriage.

In an ideal marriage, both members of the relationship look to each other for support, a confidant, and a connection that meets both physical and emotional needs. Problems are bound to arise when one half of the couple starts to seek (or finds) one of those qualities in someone other than their spouse. One of

Are you worried that your spouse is spending too much time with an inappropriate friendship?  For example, is your wife really close to the neighbor guy but says they’re just friends or his your husband really close to a co-worker, but he’s says there’s nothing going on? Do you feel like your spouse is getting