Are you frustrated that your husband just doesn't understand you? Are you feeling lonely and isolated? It may be that the way you and your husband communicate is contributing to the problem. It doesn't have to stay that way. Dr. Dana Fillmore, Author, TV Relationship Expert and Clinical Psychologist offers Matt and Angie some new

Put as directly as possible – no. No it isn’t. …But this isn’t a simple question. What’s the fight about? How old are the kids? Do the young ones even understand what’s going on? Frankly, none of those questions matter. It’s not OK to fight in front of the kids about any topic, no matter

For all of the issues that can come up in a marriage, one is far more common than all the others. It’s something each and every one of us has to deal with. We all stress about it… The problem is MONEY. No matter how much (or how little) we seem to make, the problems

Maintaining a successful marriage is hinged on communication. Being able to talk openly and honestly with one another builds a foundation of trust, and sets expectations well before conflicting views or ideas lead to fights. Today, we’re looking at 10 topics you and your spouse need to discuss, especially if you’re newly married. Even if

Household responsibilities are a pain. Even for those who like a tidy home, or find some satisfaction in cleaning and organizing things… It’s still an ongoing challenge to keep up with dishes, laundry, and all of the other messes and maintenance around the house – especially if you have kids. For many couples, figuring out

So many marital problems boil down to one problem: communication. Barriers to effectively communicating take a toll on nearly every aspect marriage - all because couples don’t have a good sense of what’s going on with each other. This can lead to ignoring ongoing issues, mistakes based on miscommunication, and anger when it feels like

Whenever we receive a question that touches on a broad issue, it’s a great chance to not only help one couple tackle a problem, but also to share the information with a wider audience – in case you or someone you know might be experiencing something similar. We recently received a question about a pretty

Marriages are supposed to be close. You and your spouse should enjoy each other’s company, spend quality time together, communicate, and so on… But is there such thing as trying to be too close? It goes by a few names - smothering, clinging, etc. - but we know the feeling when we experience it. It’s

Time and time again, we come back around to this essential piece of healthy and happy relationships: communication. Being able to effectively communicate with your spouse is the cornerstone of good marriage, but what exactly does that mean? You can know that communicating is important, but still not quite know how to pull it off…

It’s pretty safe to say that when is someone is being critical and impatient with you, it’s easy to notice. You can hear it in their voice, see it in their body language, and even if they aren’t being totally direct about it, it’s not too hard to sense when someone just seems irritated by