Not all marital problems are obvious. They don’t all have glaring symptoms like blowout arguments or infidelity. Not all “unhealthy” marriages are composed of chronically unhappy people… Some marriages are what you might call “loveless” – in that they aren’t necessarily coming apart at the seams, but they aren’t very strong or connected either. Couples […]

When a marriage feels “loveless,” there’s very obviously a problem. Whether that lack of love is marked by hostility or indifference (both are common), it indicates that somewhere along the way, you and your spouse have grown apart, are no longer communicating effectively, and have let the marriage slip into a place that isn’t satisfying […]

Feeling trapped in a loveless marriage is emotionally exhausting. It’s a burden that you experience every moment of every day – wanting to connect or feel loved, even simply wanting to be noticed and acknowledged by your spouse – and not having those desires met leaves an empty feeling. This deep sense of not being […]