Metaphor can help us gain new perspective on things. Seeing things in a different light (or with a different understanding) can be critical to making better choices, getting a “bigger picture,” and unlocking potential. With that in mind, April 22nd marks Earth Day each year – and it presents couples with dual opportunity to help […]

Every year, people across the globe celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. On this day, activists and concerned citizens spread awareness about the importance of preserving our natural environment, protecting the earth from pollution and damage, and the little things we can all do to help keep the planet in good shape! Small efforts can […]

Tuesday, April 22nd marks the annual day of environmental focus, Earth Day. Each year, people around the world use this day to spread awareness about environmental issues, educate others on greening initiatives, and organize events centered on making our planet a better place! This year, why not make Earth Day a special event for you […]