Recovering from an affair is no easy process. It takes time, it hurts a ton, and ultimately, it requires you and your spouse to both face some troubling realities about the marriage, where it went wrong, and how you can get things back on track… With that in mind, there are some very straightforward facts […]

Men and women are pretty equally likely to be unfaithful, but because of the differences in the way their brains and bodies operate, the motivations aren’t always quite the same – and the warning signs can be even more “gender specific.” With that in mind, we’ve put together 10 warning signs that a wife may […]

Infidelity is very real threat to the stability of many marriages – or perhaps more accurately, when marriages become unstable, they also become susceptible to the conditions and behaviors that lead to affairs. For this reason, couples having trouble in their relationships may also become suspicious of one another’s behavior. Certain signs can help you […]

Concerns about infidelity plague many couples. People might be suspicious of their spouses, worry that trouble in the marriage might tempt their partner into looking elsewhere for affection, or be susceptible to falling into an affair themselves. Because this very painful potential exists, couples often wonder what conditions might make their partner cheat, or want […]