Every relationship is a little bit different – and because of that, there aren’t really “universal truths” that apply to each and every couple. There are, however, pervasive myths that can lead couples to make bad decisions or incorrect assumptions. We’re here to set the record straight! Don’t believe these myths, or let them make

As the title of this blog suggests, the most commonly raised problem with porn usually comes from wives who think their husbands are watching too much, are too interested, etc. …But before we even dig into it, let’s first establish that every couple is going to be different, and that every individual is going to

Today, we have to dive into a sometimes touchy subject: pornography. Opinions vary wildly about porn… Some people consider it to have absolutely no place in a committed relationship, or at all, while others may use pornographic material to spice up their sex lives. Regardless of how you and your spouse might feel about it,

Not all marital problems are obvious. They don't all have glaring symptoms like blowout arguments or infidelity. Not all “unhealthy” marriages are composed of chronically unhappy people… Some marriages are what you might call “loveless” - in that they aren't necessarily coming apart at the seams, but they aren't very strong or connected either. Couples

When times are tough in your relationship, you may find yourself asking how you’ll know if things are too far gone – how you’ll know when the marriage is doomed, or if there’s time to slam on the breaks and send your marriage in a new direction. Because so many people have these questions, and

Over the last two articles, we’ve been looking at the problems alcohol can cause for your health and for your marriage. Today, we’ll finish up this three-part series by discussing another area of your life threatened by alcohol abuse: your family. Much like the ways drinking can damage a marriage, the social and psychological impact

In the first part of this series, we touched on how alcohol consumption (especially in excess) can damage your health, both physical and emotional. Most of Part 1 was focused on how alcohol can affect you as an individual. This time around, we want to discuss how can negatively impact your marriage. Now, the health

There’s no disputing that alcohol has a prevalent role in our society. From widespread availability to being a staple at many social events, alcoholic drinks are never very far away, but could they be the root cause of larger problems in our lives? In this series, we’ll take a look at how alcohol can impact

You may choose your spouse, but you certainly don’t choose the family they come from. For some couples, the in-laws become near-and-dear almost instantly – but for many others, a connection to the parents, siblings, and extended family of a spouse can be rough going… You might be from different parts of the world, have

When you’ve got company coming for the holidays, it’s common to feel a little frantic. All of those projects you’ve put off, those bits of clutter you haven’t taken care of – they all suddenly come rushing to your attention… Every speck of dust or smudgy window is a reason to feel self conscious about