As we approach he 4th of July weekend, we can’t help but think about freedom and independence as the cornerstones of American ideals, and about how we can exercise those principles in our own lives. But what about marriage? Is it possible to find, and even increase, your freedom through marriage? With the right mentality,

There’s a really unfortunate misconception when it comes to sex and middle age. Many couples may begin to feel their sex drive waning, feel less attractive, or simply experience changes in their lifestyle that make sex less and less of a priority in the relationship. In reality, this myth is self-perpetuating. As couples get older,

Tuesday, April 22nd marks the annual day of environmental focus, Earth Day. Each year, people around the world use this day to spread awareness about environmental issues, educate others on greening initiatives, and organize events centered on making our planet a better place! This year, why not make Earth Day a special event for you

When it comes to celebrity couples, they don’t come much more high profile than Jay-Z and Beyonce. Both have been internationally recognized stars of the music world for more than a decade, building individual careers of outstanding success well before they were married in 2008. The couple has always been private about the relationship (especially

There’s a good reason people refer to dogs as “man’s best friend.” If you’ve ever had one of your own, you know exactly why! Dogs are notoriously loyal, and some of the best nonhuman companions a person can have. Because April is ASPCA’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, we wanted to take a moment

Over our last two blog posts, we’ve been looking at how attraction changes over time. We’ve talked about some of the causes, as well as some of the specific differences between how men and women experience this change. To conclude the three part series, we’ll get to the most important part of this whole topic:

In our last post, we began a series on how attraction can change over time. We looked at a few of the ways levels of attraction can fade based on appearance, overall sexual attraction, and how mental image can affect how you’re attracted to your spouse. Today, we continue by comparing and contrasting the way

Marriages are a long-term commitment. The whole idea rests on sticking together through thick and thin, on developing and maintaining a partnership that can withstand the test of time. You and your spouse are supposed to be a team, each other’s support and confidant, and a source of pleasure and affection. So, what are we

We know that networks like Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the wide universe of “social media” can pose certain threats to marriages, especially those going through difficult times. As we’ve discussed before, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the digital world and adopt an unrealistic view of other people’s lives. Or

Valentine’s day has earned a pretty bad rap as a “corporate holiday,” where all the greeting card companies, florists, candy makers, and the like are just out for your hard earned money – and all pushing the idea that you should buy love with gifts and fancy dinners. While it’s certainly nice to get your