Have you considered how you are going to impress your partner for Valentine's day? You could get a box of chocolates, flowers, or a reservation at a nice restaurant. Those are all great options. Yet, if you really want to wow them, Dr Dana and Amy have put together a simple exercise that will be

Many of us made New Year's Resolutions as part of our holiday celebration and are now doing our best to make them a reality. Unfortunately, only about 12% of people actually follow through with the resolutions. You can be a part of that successful 12% if you commit yourself and take action. Here are some

We all want something more out of our lives, from a better job to a better marriage, or maybe just a new car or to take a vacation. Whatever it may be, it’s safe to say that almost everyone wants something. Why not make it a reality this year? To know what you truly want,

Dr. Dana just celebrated her birthday on December 19th. Dr. Dana's family and Amy's family went out to dinner to celebrate and then saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Lots of fun! Hope you are all enjoying your holiday celebrations! Dr. Dana and Amy

Most people, especially parents, struggle with stressful feelings around the holiday season. Between the normal workday and year-round responsibilities, plus the added weight of gift shopping, holiday parties, visiting family, spending money, decorating, and extra cooking (this list goes on and on), many people struggle with feelings of anxiety, irritation, or downright depression. It doesn’t

The holidays are a time full of togetherness and joy. It is also one of the busiest times of the year for many people. Because of all the extra shopping, decorating, parties, phone calls, company, and all other holiday related chores, it can be hard to find time to relax with your partner. In some

How can you make this Thanksgiving special for you and your partner? Since it is Thanksgiving, please invest a few moments to tell them why they make you thankful!  Simply sharing your feelings is often enough to create long lasting happiness. It's simple, too!  Just follow this exercise from the StrongMarriageNow System.  This will help

What’s Father’s Day really about? Is it about paying too much for a new set of golf clubs? Is it about making or buying that perfect meal? Is it about making sure you don’t ask him for any “honey-do’s” that day? Or, it is about appreciating those special dads in your life? Give a Father's

Cupid is on the way with Valentines Day around the corner. Are you wondering if you can feel the love again in your marriage? Are you yearning for more excitement and passion? Do you feel stuck in your relationship? Do you want to know clear steps you can take today to have a sexy, passionate

Surprisingly, the most important New Year’s resolution doesn’t even make the top 11 list of New Year’s Resolutions. Learn the Most Important Resolution to Make What do you think? What are your resolutions? Wishing you an Amazing 2011!