The more time you spend with someone, the easier it is to take him or her for granted. That’s just a simple fact of life, even outside of marriage. We just get used to someone’s company, the things they say or do, how they fit into our lives, etc. In a marriage though, when the

One of our favorite Mother's Day traditions here at StrongMarriageNow is to encourage you to write that special mom in your life a note. Bill M from Boca Raton, FL followed our formula below, sent this letter to his wife and she told him, "That's The Nicest Thing I've Seen in 33 Years." Check out

For most people, Thanksgiving is already set aside for family and togetherness, but beyond your regularly planned family events, the holiday is also a great chance for some extra closeness with your spouse. To fit with the Thanksgiving theme, it’s a chance to really show your husband or wife how much you appreciate having them

Most families have a series of holiday traditions they practice, whether it’s lighting Hanukkah candles, Christmas Eve at grandma’s house, a special breakfast on Christmas morning, holiday games, going caroling, or anything else that brings a family together during the holiday season. These traditions build the strength of families, and create lasting memories for everyone

We want to say thank you for being a part of our StrongMarriageNow Community. We hope that we've helped you in 2012 and we look forward to being there for you in the year to come. We wish you a very Happy Holiday! Here's a silly holiday video we put together for you. --> We

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to share a special day with your spouse, and it’s easier to do than you might think! Since it is Thanksgiving, today is the perfect time to let your husband or wife just how thankful you are to have them in your life. Sometimes this humble gesture is enough to

We’ve had such a great year helping couples and families and have received incredibly valuable feedback from you.  So we’re excited to give you even more great counseling information. Last week, many of you graciously completed a survey letting us know the solutions that you’re most interested in.     Here’s the ranking of the topics:

At, we are committed to giving back to our community. We’re going to be supporting the Keep A Breast Foundation, a global organization dedicated to eradicating breast cancer for future generations. One of our dear friends, Randi Hosking, a 5 year breast cancer survivor herself , is hosting A Beauty Benefit and Fashion Show

Every Mother's Day, mom's are awash in flowers and trinkets, whisked away on expensive dates or presented with a series of gifts. Is this what Mother's Day is really about, though? While I'm sure mom appreciates the trip to the spa, it's important that she knows why you want her to enjoy a restful day,

So many couples get caught up in their busy lives or in hurt feelings and drift apart and feel lonely and disconnected. But what we truly desire are those fabulous feelings of togetherness and joy that are typically associated with the holidays. During those times, we gather together to ring in the New Year, exchange