We’re so used to seeing celebrities on the silver screen, seeing photos of our favorite actors and musicians strutting down the red carpet or wearing the latest fashion, it can be easy to forget that inside, behind all the glitz and glamour, they are people just like us! And part of this misconception about the

This year was our sixth annual family camping trip (or as we call it our “glamping trip” since the tents come with a bed and heaters!) to El Capitan Canyon, near Santa Barbara, California. We so enjoy this opportunity to be with loved ones in a beautiful setting. And there’s a lot of loved ones!

Hollywood superstar Gwyneth Paltrow appears, to many people, to have the perfect life. She’s beautiful, wealthy, decorated with awards, and for followers of her blog, seems to live a lavish life of yoga sessions, trips to France, and red carpet ceremonies. She recently opened up to Glamour U.K. though, and showed her fans and followers

TV producer, talk show host, and former soap opera star Kelly Ripa just celebrated her 17th wedding anniversary with husband and former co-star Mark Consuelos on the first of May. The two celebs, never known for public scandals or marital drama, are among seemingly few people who make it work, despite the pressures of media

E! News anchor and celebrity personality Giuliana Rancic and her husband, The Apprentice winner Bill Rancic, made headlines recently when she made a very public statement in US Magazine about putting her marriage first, and her new baby second. She said, “We’re husband and wife, but we’re also best friends, and it’s funny because a

News outlets are ablaze with the story of David Letterman’s recent tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. The interview (scheduled to air January 7th) centers on the Late-Night host’s recent scandal – the public admission of several affairs with various female staff members, including assistant Stephanie Birkitt. The affairs resulted in a blackmail plot by a

If you haven’t heard already, Russell Crowe is auctioning off personal items to continue to pay for his divorce from Danielle Spencer back in 2012. They split after 9 years of marriage. This is a cautionary tale for many who are considering divorce themselves or are even tolerating a less than satisfying marriage. To many,

We’ve all seen the unfortunate news of Kristen Stewart’s affair with her director and the pain that she and Rob Pattinson are both under. This pain is amplified by all of the public attention. Affairs, whether physical or not, take a heavy psychological toll. Both members of a couple can suffer great emotional pain in

When celebrity couples split, there is always plenty of speculation about why it happened, if there are other people involved, what’s going to happen next, etc. Because we are used to seeing these actors and actresses play dramatic roles, it is easy to assume that there is some exciting secret behind a split, when in

Don’t panic! We’re not suggesting that your relationship is over like Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis, Katy Perry & Russell Brand and Heidi Klum & Seal. But given these most recent celebrity breakups, we find ourselves, yet again, compelled to remind you of one of our Marriage Success Secrets: The importance of spending quality time