When you think about high profile couples, things like “stability” and “longevity” don’t often jump to mind. Instead, we see the tabloid headlines, the scandals, and all of the ups and downs that can come along with fame and fortune. Now, there are a few important things to note here. First, the relationship problems so

Music is one of the most powerful ways to deliver a message. For talented singers like Alicia Keys, music making is an opportunity to inspire and uplift others, and shine a positive light on things that people may be struggling with. In this gorgeous tune, Alicia sends a message to the children of blended families:

This past November, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip celebrated their 69th wedding anniversary. The couple married in 1947, when Elizabeth was 21 and Philip was 26. They met when Elizabeth was just 13, and when they reconnected as young adults, they fell quickly in love. Their marriage has, of course, been in the public

With a new album out and a tour on the horizon, Jon Bon Jovi (and the rest of the band that bears his name) is still a rock star. The band’s sheer statistics are impressive – 13 studio albums and 2 live albums, more than 130 million records sold across the world, and more than

Former Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey (often referred to by his onscreen nickname, McDreamy) was on the path to divorce from his wife Jillian, who filed in early 2015, but it seems that the couple has reconciled and won’t be splitting up after all! In an interview with the British magazine ES, Patrick opened up

If you’ve seen Paul Rudd, the star of the upcoming Ant Man movie, on-screen (and chances are, you have), he comes off as a charming, down-to-earth, and occasionally awkward guy that’s hard not to like! That handsome “guy next door” quality is part of what makes him the perfect choice for the superhero role of

With her movie Tammy making headlines across the country, Melissa McCarthy is something of a household name, though for many people, the comedienne has been a fan favorite since her days of stand up, through her role on TV’s Gilmore Girls, and numerous television and film appearances.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, one of the highest profile celebrity couples around, were finally married in France a short while ago, keeping the ceremony very small and very private (as many expected them to).

But do they stand a chance of long-term happiness in the chaotic world of Hollywood romance?

People magazine just announced this years Sexiest Man Alive, singer and The Voice judge Adam Levine! While there’s no doubting that Adam is quite handsome, it isn’t just his looks that make him sexy. Sex appeal can mean different things to different people, and not all of us have the same opinions about what we

We’ve all seen the headlines for the royal baby, Prince George, and there have been plenty of shows of support and advice for Charles and Kate as they settle into parenthood. One thing we haven’t seen a lot of, however, is the often-overlooked strain that a new baby can put on the marriage. People talk