Tips for The Best Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to share a special day with your spouse, and it’s easier to do than you might think! Since it is Thanksgiving, today is the perfect time to let your husband or wife just how thankful you are to have them in your life. Sometimes this humble gesture is enough to fill you both with that warm, fuzzy feeling – it’s that simple! You can go the extra mile by following these tips:

1. Find some old photos of you and your spouse. Use them to help reminisce about the great times you’ve spent together and all the wonderful things you love about them!

2. Take a little time to make a list of five things you love about your partner. These qualities are things that you should be thankful for, not just because your partner has them, but also because they have chosen to share them with you!

3. This is the most important: SHARE YOUR FEELINGS! After you go through some old photos and make a list of loveable qualities, hopefully you’ll be brimming with good things to say – so say them! By letting your guard down enough to have a real heart-to-heart with your spouse, you can let them know just how much they mean to you. This expression of genuine love and thanks will create a feeling that last for days, weeks, months, or even years!

4. Have a happy, loving Thanksgiving together!

These steps can work for anyone special in your life, not just your spouse. Whether it’s family, close friends, or anyone else you truly appreciate, this is the perfect time of year to take them aside and let them know how much they mean to you, how thankful you are to have them in your life.

Open your heart to the gratitude and love that surrounds this holiday, and bask in the experience for the rest of the year! For more tips on feeling connected and in love year-round, check out our most popular program, the StrongMarriageNow System.

Did you try this exercise? Please leave us a comment to let us know how it worked out!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Dr. Dana and Amy

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Jim 11 years ago

My wife has so much pent up resentment, anger and bitterness that it seems impossible to get thru. When asked she seems unable to articulate why other than that she is unhappy and tired of pretending. She indicates she wishes she could forgive whatever the past transgressions are (I still don't know & have remained loving, loyal and hopeful), but seems unable to let go. her solution is that our separation will allow me to date since she is broken by late occurring type 1 diabetes and menopause. I have no desire for anyone but her. I've given thanks and appreciation for the blessing she and my older children are but to no avail of breaking thru the walls she has put up. I appreciate your suggestions in your posts as always, but I feel lost in regards to getting her back from the brink of cutting herself off from almost everyone.

Shah 11 years ago

he was going to bed early, however the next day on face-book his ex posetd up pictures of him and her and a couple of old high-school friends playing pool. I confronted him about the lie, and he said he just wanted to see his old high-school friends but knew I would be upset if I found out she was there. I was very upset that he lied to me. The next big event that happened the following year, is I found an email written to ex, saying Camilla, I decided that if i wanted to get an email from you, I would have to take initiative and write one first. So how was the wedding? I hope it wasn't secretly yours, because I would be DEVASTATED to if you did not invite me to such an event, much less partake. But the real reason i'm writing this email is to find out when your going to be in town next, so we can hopefully hang out for more than 2 hours, because as you know, 2 hours of you is never enough. Let me know i'm free monday or tuesday, anxiously awaiting your reply..Fred I paraphrased that, because I can't remember it precisely. Anyway when I found this email I was devastated, and broke up with him. Then he kept showing up at my house apologizing, till I eventually took him back. Because I knew that nothing psychical went down between them. Camilla is an awful flirt, but I know she doesn't really like Fred, she just goes along with all guys flirting because she likes the attention. Then almost a year went by with no flare ups, and one day Fred and I were on his computer doing homework for college, and a noticed a picture of Camilla. I said what is that doing on her, and Fred said It's only one picture don't worry about it However being curious as I am, I did a search of Camilla on his computer, and found a hidden folder with at least 50 pictures of her, and a couple pictures of naked models that slightly resembled her, (not really but I guess he thought so), and wedding rings. He told me the wedding rings were old, and so were some of the pictures (back from when they used to date) however I noticed some of the pictures to be new.Now I know this all seems like a lot of crap, but in between those events we have had a very loving relationship, I have actually really been wanting to marry Fred. And he tells me he loves me as well, and there's nobody else now. He says he's over Camilla now, but I can't seem to trust him because of all the lying he's done in the past.What is your advice on this? Is Fred full of shit, is he not over Camilla? or Should I stay with him after all this and try to trust him? And why does he stay with me, yet still flirts with Camilla?Thank you so much, if you can share advice you'd be helping a problem that has plagued me for two years!

Asia 11 years ago

it was not working btw that girl and him. I trtuesd him. he wanted to see me, I purchased a flight ticket, made a motel reservation and planned everything. but, he broke up with me again because I did it at my convenience. I had to work overtime to be able to pay for his trip. it took me some time and I could not make it on his dead line, but, I did it anyway. he stopped talking to me and went back to that girl again. but, he was seeing that girl on and off and sleeping with her while he was talking to me all these months, they had many arguments during that time. she would fight with him and ask him to stop talking to me completely. he beat her one day when she asked him to stop talking to me. she called me crying and saying she broke up with him. he finds out about our communication. then, he posted one of our previous video on youtube, threatening me and demanding me to put that girl at his door, otherwise, he would send this link to my daughter and her friends. she went back to him when she found out about it. but, I completely broke down. why did he do that? why did he want to see me? why did he want to play with me when he wanted her that badly and could do anything for her? I stopped contacting him and talking to him. I don't know anything about them now.the second phrase is, my therapist. he was there this entire time. one fine day, he says, he found a girl and got engaged. I said ok . then, he was planning to move, asked for $1000 for his rent. I said I could not help him that much. then, he asked me if I could buy an itouch phone which was almost $600. I agreed to buy it for him for being there for me all this time ( even though I paid him for all of his therapy sessions).the day before he moved, he came to my place to pick-up the phone. started to tell me how much he loved me, dreaming of me, and fantasizing about me. I felt so sorry for him for ignoring him all these days by thinking of my boyfriend. he requested if we could make love before he left. we made love and said goodbye to each other. the fallowing day, another woman calls me says she was therapist's girl friend since May. i got shocked. she says he engaged to this woman also the day he moved, saying that if things do not workout btw him and his fiance, he would come back to this girl friend. what shoul I do now? I got so mad. I felt like he cheated on me. he lied and made up storied to use me , walk me to his bed and have some fun. I am broken now. I found out that he did not even have license to practice as a therapist. guys, plese tell me what should I do now .