The Huffington Post recently did a feature interview with Laura Wasser, celebrity divorce attorney and author, and among the topics they discussed, one very scary statistic came out. According to Wasser, the busiest day of her entire year is her first day back from the holiday break. This means, simply put, that divorce rates spike […]

A new marriage study published by Pew Research Center shows that marriage rates are down across the country, from the number of Americans currently married, the percentage of people in this country that have ever been married. The statistics are very telling of trends in our culture, but why are the trends changing? Among the […]

We all know that men and women behave differently. Part of being husband and wife is getting to know the differences in the way you and your spouse express your needs and concerns, learning what is important to each other, and doing your best to master one another’s communication style. Many of the common stereotypes, […]

Is it possible that being married has an impact on the quality of your health? Taking it a step further, does a happy marriage actually result in better health? The answer, according to several studies, is a resounding “yes!” to both questions. Simply being married can have a few positive benefits for our overall health, […]

We know that a satisfying marriage has positive effects on psychological wellbeing. Happily married people are, generally speaking, happier people! People gain a sense of satisfaction when they are wanted and needed, especially when that sentiment is openly communicated in a relationship. A recent study by the American Psychological Association has determined another fantastic benefit […]

Every generation has its way of dealing with major institutions, and marriage is no exception. Young people today are not getting married at the rates set by older generations, but what looks like a shift away from ideals of marriage may just be a shift in priorities. More and more young people are attending college, […]

Different aspects of our health are closely linked. A better feeling body generally results in a more stable mental state. One aspect of psychological or emotional stability/fulfillment will likely carry over into others. Marriage is associated with psychological well-being, with healthy relationships reducing the amount of stress and depression in people’s lives. This makes perfect […]

Are you worried your marriage is over because of an affair? Does it mean you’re headed for divorce? Take heart, your marriage can be saved. Read the article below to learn the six steps to save your marriage after an affair. Six Steps to Save Your Marriage After an Affair After reading the article, please […]

Did you know that two thirds of all divorces are initiated by women?  One of the most common complaints that women have is that their husbands don’t pay enough attention to them.  They feel like their husbands don’t appreciate what they do and don’t acknowledge them.  They also feel like their husbands don’t listen to […]