Have you heard the quote “Attitude is Everything?” It’s typically offered as advice to advance your career or to excel in sports.  Well, we’d like to suggest that an attitude adjustment about your bedroom life could get you both happily climbing into bed together a lot more often. In this article, we explore common attitudes

Want to hear Dr. Dana cover 7 Better Sex Secrets? Want to call in and get live marriage advice from Dr. Dana? She is appearing for the second time on Rob and Patty Saul's "Night View" show on Gashouse Radio. Rob and Patty have been married for four years and have a 3 year old

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, are you worried that this Lover's Holiday will be less than ideal? Are you feeling like your marriage is in a rut, and wondering where the passion has gone? Does it feel like the spark is missing? If you want to know how to get that special something back