People magazine just announced this years Sexiest Man Alive, singer and The Voice judge Adam Levine! While there’s no doubting that Adam is quite handsome, it isn’t just his looks that make him sexy. Sex appeal can mean different things to different people, and not all of us have the same opinions about what we […]

Sex is a little bit different in every marriage. There is no “right” amount or frequency that will work for every couple, and since we all have varying needs and desires, no two sexual relationships will be exactly the same. A marriage with no sexual activity, however, puts couples at risk for drifting apart, reduced […]

Here’s one of those points that women typically don’t like to hear. In 15 years of doing marriage counseling, I’ve never met a man who had an affair, who was satisfied with the sex life in his marriage. And by satisfied, I don’t mean just regularly having sex; I mean, I’ve never seen a man […]

Want more (and better!) sex in your marriage? Do you feel like sex is a chore? How about more romance with your sex? Do you just want to be wanted? Understanding What Turns a Woman On There is a key point that men should understand about the average woman’s arousal process: most women need to […]

The reality is that once we are married, we spend a lot of time as husband and wife, paying the bills, taking care of the family.  We spend a lot of time as mom and dad, playing with the kids and parenting in a marriage.  But if we are not careful, we spend very little […]

In WebMd’s article, “Why Women Cheat: Insights in common reasons why women have affairs,” by Tammy Worth, Tammy looks at the various reasons women may participate in extramarital affairs. Thea discusses the differences inherent in men and women and what drives them to cheat. She profiles one Thea, who turned to Internet Dating site, Ashley […]

Do you feel as if the romance is gone from your marriage?  Does sex feel like “wham, bam, thank you, m’am?” Do you want more or better sex? Do you feel like sex is a chore?  Do you just want to be wanted? Make Love Throughout the Whole Day One of the things couples have […]

Are you interested in improving your sex life? Would you like an exercise that can open up communication between you and your spouse? Before getting into the exercise, here’s a tip that can transform how each of you think about your sex life. Try this tip One thing that may help you connect and improve […]