One of the most common questions we receive, though worded in a variety of ways, is all about whether a marriage can be saved when just one spouse is taking the initiative to work on it. Well, the short answer is YES! If you think of marriage like a dance – when one person changes […]

At every moment of every day, in every situation you encounter, you have a choice to make – and there are only two options. This choice affects every aspect of your life, from your job performance to your personal productivity, from the way you feel physically to the strength of your relationships with other people […]

While arguments in marriages aren’t terribly uncommon, most people do their best to avoid them. This is, of course, a good idea most of the time, but it makes all the difference in the world HOW you are going about avoiding butting heads with your spouse. Avoiding fights by taking each other into consideration, remaining […]

Many couples in troubled marriages wait too long to get help. By the time both spouses agree to counseling, the relationship has often been strained to the breaking point. Simply speaking, many couples start too late and give up too soon. This doesn’t mean their issues are insurmountable, it just means that they have let the […]

This week’s question is “Can a marriage be saved if only one of us doesn’t want a divorce/separation and is the only one willing to work at it to save it?” Please comment below the video to ask your own questions or just to let us know what you think.  We’re frequently shooting new videos […]

Are you feeling hurt and angry?  Are you struggling to get over past pain?  Are you or your spouse having a hard time with forgiveness? Dr. Dana’s got a special video and article for you to help both of you let go of past pain and move forward. How To Get Over the Past and […]

Everybody has heard the saying, “It takes two to tango, right?”  They take that to mean that both people have to take dance lessons to do it right.  Well, we’re using it in a slightly different way here – In reality, if just one person learns some new steps, some “new moves” if you will, […]