Divorce attorneys have an up close and personal look at the problems that ultimately tear couples apart. From experience with all kinds of cases, they tend to get an understanding of the most serious marital issues – and those same issues can be an indicator you’re at risk for divorce. As you go through this […]

What if you could see marriage trouble coming from a mile away? Everybody’s relationship is different, that’s for sure – but even so, we can’t just ignore the trends and statistics that we might be a part of. These factors are pretty strange, but statistically speaking, they show increased likelihood for divorce… And that’s something […]

With just a couple of basic questions, you can get a huge amount of perspective on your marriage. It’s an interesting way of evaluating the current state of your relationship, and if you compare your responses to your spouse’s, you might have a giant moment of realization… First let’s get the questions out of the […]