After years of marriage, many couples find themselves less connected than they once were… They settle into routines, get comfortable, and over the years, grow apart until they feel more like roommates than spouses. This is a common problem – so common that it has created something of a myth: that this is simply the […]

Feeling trapped in a loveless marriage is emotionally exhausting. It’s a burden that you experience every moment of every day – wanting to connect or feel loved, even simply wanting to be noticed and acknowledged by your spouse – and not having those desires met leaves an empty feeling. This deep sense of not being […]

As awful as it feels, falling out and back in love again over the course of marriage is completely normal – and is almost to be expected at one point or another. People tend to change over time, and as we go through different phases of our lives, sometimes the distance we feel from our […]

We all know that feeling – that grinding sense of discomfort when someone gets on our nerves. They don’t even have to do or say anything – just being present can make us feel tense or edgy. This can happen easily when someone leaves us with a terrible first impression, but it’s even more painful […]