It’s pretty safe to say that a “loveless” marriage is NOT a happy one. Whether you’re fighting constantly, living totally separate lives under the same roof, or just coexisting as amicable roommates… It still isn’t the loving connection we think of when we imagine healthy relationships. If your marriage feels loveless, the first thing to […]

Nearly all relationships will go through changes over time, some subtle, some major… Even over the course of a single day, our own ups and downs in mood can make little waves in our marriages. Some days are better than others – that’s just how life is, whether it’s a relationship, a job, a hobby, […]

The dynamic of any marriage will change and evolve over time, but one of the most difficult conversations we can have is when our spouse tells us that they no longer feel in love. It feels devastating and hopeless, and in that tense moment, it seems like everything is lost and the marriage is over.