Working on your marriage can sometimes be a daunting task. It can mean addressing serious issues or owning up to big mistakes, but strengthen your marriage isn’t always about overcoming giant obstacles or solving major problems. In fact, many of us might not be facing large-scale problems, but instead are caught in a cycle of

Do you feel like you’ve tried and tried to improve your marriage but nothing seems to get better?  Do you feel frustrated and disappointed?  There is a better way.  In fact... You Can Be Happy and Have a Happy Marriage! When it comes right down to it, marriage is a choice.  It’s not magic.  It’s

So we stood up in front of God and man and promised to love and cherish each other, right? Then why does the person we’re married to sometimes have the ability to hurt us more than anybody else on the planet? The answer is that they are hurt themselves. They have what I like to

Many of you have told us that you’ve been impacted by some sort of infidelity and you reached out to us at to ask for help.  On our teleseminar last week, “5 Secrets to Save Your Marriage.” Dr. Fillmore address that very concern. The most common questions you asked about affairs were: “Is my

Do you and your partner struggle with communication?  Are you having trouble getting through to your spouse?  Do you talk about the same issue over and over again?   If so, you’re not alone.   In our survey of married couples, communication ranks as the top marriage problem. What You can Do to Improve Communication Today What

You absolutely can save your marriage even if your partner doesn't want to work on it. This can be such a scary time. One can feel vulnerable, hopeless and panicked. They want things to change in their marriage but aren’t sure how. Unfortunately, Many people believe that their marriages will get better as soon as

We’ve all heard about how 50% of marriages fail in the United States. But, are you curious as to why? Two thirds of divorces are initiated by women and the most common complaint that women have about their marriage is that their spouse doesn’t pay enough attention to them. After a few years of marriage,

In a short blog post, I clearly can't cover everything on how to save your marriage but there are some key issues that impact most couples and we'll cover those and give you tips to address them.  Most couples have issues with time together, communication and sex.  Here’s three tips to help you get started

There are some key questions that will help you determine who is the best therapist for you and your spouse.   The first thing you need to check out is:  Are they a couples therapy expert? Not just do they have experience doing couples therapy, because almost every therapist will tell you that they do,