Every year, couples bend over backwards to make restaurant reservations, purchase gifts and candies, and plan extravagant dates to show their love to one another on Valentine’s Day. The unfortunate reality, however, is that the financial strain and general stress that comes with grandiose celebration can have a negative impact on the actual enjoyment of […]

Most families have a series of holiday traditions they practice, whether it’s lighting Hanukkah candles, Christmas Eve at grandma’s house, a special breakfast on Christmas morning, holiday games, going caroling, or anything else that brings a family together during the holiday season. These traditions build the strength of families, and create lasting memories for everyone […]

Ever wonder about what Holiday Traditions do for your marriage and family?  What purpose do these rituals serve in our lives?  What are your holiday traditions?  Do you have any?  And, why are they so important to maintain a family’s connection? Learn Why Traditions Are Important To You Tell us what your holiday traditions are […]