It is sad that each year divorce effects almost 2 million people. Here at we stress the importance of working through relationship troubles, because in the long run there are no benefits to getting a divorce. This point is driven home by researchers at the University of Arizona in a new study on divorce […]

Are you feeling hurt and angry?  Are you struggling to get over past pain?  Are you or your spouse having a hard time with forgiveness? Dr. Dana’s got a special video and article for you to help both of you let go of past pain and move forward. How To Get Over the Past and […]

It’s not surprising that people are getting married at older ages.  The US Census Bureau recently reported that the average age of married couples has gone up by about 5 years. With the average wedding costing upwards of $20,000 it is certainly not for everyone.  Factor in the ever increasing rates of divorce and it […]

The California based Barna Group has released a study detailing divorce rates and found that as many as 33% of all marriages can end in divorce.  This can cause all sorts of negative effects on families, especially students.  Stress associated with the financial burden of school, combined with feelings of guilt or anger can be […]

The Center for Relationship Enrichment at JBU, founded in 1998, has been awarded a grant in the amount of $724K to support marriages over the next three years. Located in Northwest Arkansas, it is at the hub of a state that has one of the highest divorce rates in the country. “This significant grant is […]

In WebMd’s article, “Why Women Cheat: Insights in common reasons why women have affairs,” by Tammy Worth, Tammy looks at the various reasons women may participate in extramarital affairs. Thea discusses the differences inherent in men and women and what drives them to cheat. She profiles one Thea, who turned to Internet Dating site, Ashley […]

Kenneth A. Crouch has presented a scholarly study from the University of Connecticut, that spans 40 years – the umbrella of which covers more than 2,000 women. The study, which was performed in collaboration with the Social Security Administration, analyzed the economic impact of divorce – specifically on women. Read the article here and learn […]

According to an annual survey of 101 lawyers in the United Kingdom, the leading reason couples site for divorce is no longer an extramarital affair. This is a major shift as since the annual survey began in 2003, an affair has been consistently the most cited reason couples divorce. This year, according to those that […]

There’s a commonly believed relationship myth out there:  “Everyone in the family will be happier if we just get a divorce.”  Do you find yourself thinking the same thing?  Are you wondering if you’ll be better off apart? Well the truth is, in most cases, this is far from the truth.  There are countless research […]