Affairs hurt - there’s no denying that. When we feel emotional pain, we want others (especially the person that hurt us) to know how we feel. Unfortunately, people often try to achieve this by hurting the other person! They might not mean to, but because of anger and pain, they lash out, insult, or even

So, your marriage has survived an affair – that’s an incredible accomplishment! It’s important to acknowledge that you’ve made a difficult choice to rebuild your marriage and stay connected to the person you love, even in the face of such a major obstacle. But as you’re beginning to mend the damage done by infidelity, you’ll

Infidelity does serious harm to a marriage – that’s something we can all agree on. Feelings of betrayal, guilt, anger, and a sense of total disruption are to be expected, but even when everything feels like it has fallen apart – you CAN rebuild trust, overcome the hurt, and get your marriage back on track.

Affairs are one of the most devastating things that can happen in a marriage. It’s a breach of trust that can be extremely difficult to recover from, and even if a couple decides to stick it out after one of them has cheated, it’s a long road to resolving the problems that lead to the

Still reeling from an affair? Affairs are devastating to marriages – there’s simply no getting around that. Trust has been betrayed, any sense of “normalcy” has been disrupted, and perhaps worst of all… The people who were cheated on now have to face this haunting mental image of their spouse getting intimate with someone else.

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Recovering from infidelity is one of the most difficult challenges any relationship can face. For the person who was cheated on, it can seem all but impossible to regain trust, to get past the pain, and to even consider moving forward with the marriage.

So often, we (unconsciously) deal with pain by trying to show the other person what it felt like to be hurt – and we do so by acting hurtful. This doesn’t work… at all.

In the wake of an affair, there are always questions. Even when you’re getting things back on track, the affair has ended, and you’ve agreed to give things another shot with your spouse, you’ll likely have questions about where the marriage is heading and what you’re both going to do differently.

We all know how affairs start…

You’re likely feeling lonely, unappreciated, stuck in a rut, or otherwise disconnected from your spouse. You may be going through the motions of your daily life dissatisfied, hoping for something better but not sure how to get it…

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