Survive an Affair/Infidelity In Marriage

How To Survive An Affair / Infidelity in Marriage

Are you or someone you love trying to survive the pain and betrayal of infidelity? Are you wondering if your marriage is worth saving? Thinking of calling it quits?

Your marriage can survive an affair and even be a whole lot better than it ever was but only if you follow the right steps to process, heal and move forward. This is a crisis situation but Dr. Dana Fillmore, Author, TV Marriage Expert and Clinical Psychologist can walk you through the steps to understand why cheating happens and what to do about it.

Here are links to videos and articles from Dr. Dana to answer your questions about what to do next.

Surviving Affair Videos

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Cheating is a surefire way to get yourself into hot water. But could it also be a risk to your health? The American Heart Association has published a recent study about what happens to your heart when you have an affair.

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Even if you have separated from your spouse because of an affair, there may come a time when you want to work your problems out. Dr. Dana gives advice on how to bridge the gap when you don’t know where to begin.


Is Your Spouse Spending Too Much Time With A Friend Of The Opposite Sex?

Suspicion rears it’s ugly head when you notice your spouse spending time with a person of the opposite sex. There is a good chance that someone’s emotional needs are not being met in the relationship…


Is Your Spouse Spending Too Much Time With A Friend Of The Opposite Sex?

Suspicion rears it’s ugly head when you notice your spouse spending time with a person of the opposite sex. There is a good chance that someone’s emotional needs are not being met in the relationship…

What To Do When Your Wife Is Still Cheating

Sometimes the affair just won’t end, and your spouse continues to cheat. How can you convince them to give the relationship another shot?


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Is Facebook Threatening Your Marriage?

In today’s ever connected society, it is no wonder that many people are using social media to have affairs. It can be a nerve wracking thought that your spouse can communicate with so many people, and so discretely as well.

My Husband Chats Online With A Lady. How Do I Trust Him?

If your spouse is chatting online with someone of the opposite sex, you may be suspicious things going on behind your back. How can you trust them when you are fearful that your spouse may be seduced?


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Did Your Spouse Cheat Because Of A Midlife Crisis?

Sometimes midlife can bring on a reassessment of your life and can lead to marital dissatisfaction and even infidelity. Do you suspect your spouse’s cheating is related to a mid-life crisis? Here’s some help for you:

Take The First Step To Survive The Affair

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Video Transcript – Dr. Dana’s Help to Recover from an Affair

Hi, I’m Dr. Dana. Thanks for taking our survey! The results indicated that you may be dealing with a possible affair? Unfortunately, this is not surprising as 50% of marriages experience some sort of infidelity at some point in the marriage ranging from major to minor transgressions. The good news is that only 15% of marriages actually break up due to infidelity. What does this mean? Well, it means two things: One: that infidelity does not, by definition mean the end of a marriage and two: that staying married, like everything else in life, is a choice.

Marriage is an up and down journey that two people have agreed to make together. To weather the journey and the possible affair, the first thing a couple has to do is to discuss what their definitions of trust and faithfulness are within the marriage. Are they on the same page regarding the behaviors that constitute crossing the line? Often, they are not. One partner may believe that it’s perfectly acceptable to hang out with a member of the opposite sex that their spouse doesn’t know while the other partner may feel that talking and flirting with someone online (as long they never meet), is totally above board. I mean who hasn’t heard about Bill Clinton saying, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman?” But what exactly did that mean?

Both people in the couple need to agree on what constitutes cheating. They need to know what they each think about opposite sex friends at work, online activities, pornography, FaceBook, etc. Both members of the couple need to come to an agreement and clearly define what being faithful means to each of them.

Another thing that’s important to understand is that 95% of affairs happen because the emotional needs in the relationship are not being met. knowing this ahead of time is critical for two reasons. First, it allows you to recognize how important it is to kick up your game in the marriage to meet your partner’s needs. Secondly, and just as importantly, it is up to you to do some honest soul searching and figure out what you truly want and need from your life and marriage. Then sit down with your spouse and talk about it. At this point, what do you have to lose? Give them a shot to meet those needs before its too late.

The truth is while I believe that marriage can be fun and happy, I also know that it takes honesty and work. The fact is that the tried and true, albeit cheesy, analogy of the the garden really does apply. If you water, feed and tend to the garden your in, it will be a wonderful place of beauty and peace. If you neglect the garden, or take it for granted, it will wilt, wither and eventually die. Or more accurately for this topic, the garden next door will seem a lot more appealing.

And for the person who may be entertaining the idea of an affair, it’s vital for them to know why they are at risk for an affair. In large part it’s because they may be longing for that crazy, “in love” feeling – you know, when that wildly attractive person walks in the room and your knees go weak? Well, guess what? That feeling only lasts for about two years – no matter who you’re with. After about two years, due to familiarity, our brains produce different chemicals that make us feel warm and comfortable, no longer hot and bothered. People often misinterpret these two states as being “in love” versus not “in love.” That’s just not the case. The bottom line is I could marry my all time sexiest movie star today and in about two years he’d walk in the door and I’d feel warm and comfortable – not hot and bothered.

This is really important because it’s often the reason people believe they may be “falling in love” with someone else. Someone new will bring back those great chemicals and give us that “in love” feeling, but it’s simply because they’re new. It’s critical to remember that in two years, after several arguments regarding who’s paying the bills and who’s picking up the socks, you will feel the same way about them that you now feel about your current spouse.

And finally, I have to cover the flip side of the possibilities and point out that if you are worried about a possible affair, it may be due to unfounded jealousy. Trust, like so many other things, is a choice. Once the boundaries in the relationship have been decided, we must choose to trust our partners. In other words, if your husband says, he got stuck in an elevator with a Victoria’s Secret model for six hours and nothing happened, you might consider believing him. If you don’t, you are basically telling him he is untrustworthy. What I get all the time is: “Oh, I trust him, it’s her I’m worried about.” But let’s think about this, unless you’re afraid she’s going to tie him up, carry him away and ravish him, you are actually calling into question his commitment and integrity. So I challenge each of you to agree on your boundaries, meet each other’s needs and decide to trust each other.

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