Struggling In Your Marriage? Ask Yourself, “What Have I Done For My Marriage Today?”

Is your marriage feeling ho-hum? Do you feel like you’re on the wrong path? Are you struggling with long-standing issues in your marriage?

Here at StrongMarriageNow, we pride ourselves on the ability to help you sort through different, recurring problems that are sending your marriage off the rails. There’s something else we specialize in, though, and that’s helping you learn how to prevent the problems before they ever arise!

I’m talking about PROACTIVITY here. We don’t just need to talk about our marriages or improve our behavior when something is awry, we should be working to make them better every day. So I ask the question: “What have you done for your marriage today?”

This daily goal of marriage improvement can be composed of things both large and small: from volunteering to do a chore your spouse usually does to planning and preparing a full-blown candlelight dinner. Sending a sweet text message to put a smile on your spouse’s face is just on tiny thing you can do to make your marriage happier and healthier, and opportunities like these are everywhere!

Couple angry at each other
Don’t allow long-standing issues to be a burden on your marriage.

It comes down to one very simple principle: thinking outside of yourself. If you can do just one little thing each day to make your husband or wife’s day a little bit brighter, then you are off to a great start. Think about what might be stressing them out, or something necessary they may have forgotten about. Pay them compliments. Do them favors. Show them you care.

Looking for ideas for what you can do for your spouse? Think about what they might have complained about. Think about what may be overwhelming for them. The likelihood is that they’ve told you over the years what they like and dislike. The big question is: “Have you been listening?”

When the two of you communicate, try to make mental notes of problems he or she might be having – if it’s something you can help with, be the bigger person and pitch in!

Make a point to strengthen your marriage every day, no matter what stresses you may be going through, regardless of the argument you may have had. When you make kindness, genuine interest, and active communication a part of your daily life (and then put those principles in action), you can bolster your bond and feel more love each and every day.

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Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart, co-Founders,

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kolorme@ 11 years ago

Sometimes no matter what you do it is not appreciated. And to be honest it's not worth it. You don't get married to kiss her or his ass to except you. Each one knows what need to be done and do it. I used to do extra stuff and things that she doesn't like to do and be "the bigger " person, and now she expect it to be done all the time. Marriage is a one way street with two lanes if one doesn't want to keep walking, I don't think there is any program can change or help convince the other to walking together again.

nancyelle 11 years ago

This October it will be 4 years that I have been trying to save my marriage . When it's over it's over and nothing can bring it back if your spouse is not in the fight with you. My heart has been broken beyond recognition and I am just now coming out of the begin again. I am scared, hurt , and most of all just sad so very sad all the time. I used to be such a happy person but the ending of his love has taken a real toll on my life. hopefully life will be good again for me. good luck to you.