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We Survived An Affair – It Really CAN Be Done

Dear Dr. Dana,
“After 13 years of being together, we found ourselves living significantly separate lives. With that and other compounded stresses, I found myself in the middle of an affair that I desperately didn't want to be in. I confessed the affair to my husband and initially we seemed to be patching things up but he held on to too much of the hurt from our past. He, in turn, also had an affair.

I searched desperately for ANYTHING during that time that would "save my marriage". Everything else that I read or tried to involve myself in just didn't work or make sense to our lives. It was all too soft, or fragile, for lack of better terms. I felt hopeless, like the major damage was done and there was nothing that could possibly repair our broken down marriage. I then found StrongMarriageNow. I first watched the videos and then subscribed to emails and read the blog. Dr. Dana's emails and articles help put the puzzle together piece by piece, and they are still working in my life, and in our marriage today. We have both learned how to truly forgive and move on from the past hurt that we both created, instead of letting it tear us apart over and over again. We have learned to sincerely love and laugh with each other, and to show each other exactly what we mean to one another every day. The best part is when we can catch that sparkle in each other's eye that shows how deeply in love we are, and remind us of the many wonderful reasons to stay married and work through these troubles together.

I feel like we have come a long way, especially after truly believing that our marriage was doomed for divorce. It is so encouraging to receive positive direction that helps keep our marriage together. It really CAN be done and we really CAN be successful. Thank you to everyone that works so hard to help save marriages like ours!”

Tammy and Jim


Dr. Dana Fillmore is an internationally recognized marriage and family expert, Clinical Psychologist and author of “Happily Ever After: How To Be Happily Married To The One You Already Married.” In her 16 year marriage counseling practice and through, she has saved thousands of marriages. She is also reknowned for helping individuals transform their relationships even when their spouse is checked out.

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