One of the main components separating a marriage from a close friendship is physical intimacy – it’s the element of romance, sex, and physical connection that makes the relationship special, and not just a mental and emotional bond that you could also share with a friend of family member. Most of us know this to […]

Common assumptions distort the way many people look at sex, and a sense of embarrassment prevents just as many people from talking about it… One of the most common misconceptions is that men have basically unlimited libido – and while this of course isn’t true, it can be a huge cause of concern for wives […]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! On this fun-filled holiday, we want to talk about getting lucky with your spouse – though perhaps more accurately, making your own luck in the bedroom! You see, days like today offer the opportunity for some extra playfulness – and in turn, show you what an important element fun and games […]

Most couples experience ups and downs in their sex lives, but for some women, it’s a major concern when they find themselves with a stronger sex drive than their husbands… First off, this is nothing to be worried about!

It sounds like the old stereotype, right? “Men always want more sex…” Well, there is some truth to the strength of men’s sex drive, especially as it may exist outside of (or in spite of) any problems you may be experiencing in the marriage. We sometimes refer to “Nature’s Biggest Joke” – the idea that […]

Sexual activity is a little bit different for everyone, so as we dig into the “reasons to have sex,” there is plenty of ground to cover. In the past, most psychologists and sexologists agreed on three basic reasons: physical pleasure, emotional connection, and procreation.

We recently received a pretty tough question from one of our subscribers. She brought up a scenario that can cause lots of problems in any struggling marriage. “My husband told me two week ago that he ‘loves me but is not in love with me.’ A few days after that, we had sex. A few […]

There’s a really unfortunate misconception when it comes to sex and middle age. Many couples may begin to feel their sex drive waning, feel less attractive, or simply experience changes in their lifestyle that make sex less and less of a priority in the relationship. In reality, this myth is self-perpetuating. As couples get older, […]