Here's the next video in our blog series “Dr. Dana Answers Your Questions.” Today’s question is from Christie: “My husband drinks and keeps promising to stop and he does but can not stay sober. He knows he does bad things but denies what was done. I love him to death. I need help.”

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  • Riyas

    Marital counseling will only work if BOTH paretis want it to work. The fact that he has moved out to be with another woman sounds to me as if he’s not interested in resolving whatever issues there were that prompted him to not only cheat on you with a mistress over two years ago, but to move completely out of your life and the marital home. I would think that you’d have consulted with an attorney by now and moved toward severing your relationship with him as he has done with you and then resolved the financial issues that need to be addressed. Then you can move forward with your life and find a man that is going to be there with you for the long term. Counseling will only work individually if he believes this his ways are wayward as hyou think they are. Obviously he doesn’t agree with you.