Resolving Conflict - Fighting Fair In Marriage

Resolving Conflict: Fighting Fair In Marriage

Do you feel like your husband is a bully or a jerk?  Does it feel like your wife is always nagging complaining?  Do you argue over the same topic again and again?  Are you looking for a way to fight fair in your marriage?

Unresolved conflict can drive a wedge between you and eventually can kill the love in your relationship.  On the other hand, being able to work through stressful issues and come to a peaceful agreement can make your marriage stronger than ever.  Discover how to deal with thorny communication issues and build a powerful, loving bond with your partner with Dr. Dana’s marriage advice.

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Videos on Resolving Conflict and Ending Fighting

How To Stop Fighting And Name Calling

“My husband, every so often, yells and calls me hurtful names and is now doing it in front of our young children. He calls me this particular name because he knows it hurts. He has confessed that his anger comes from his inability to provide for his family. I'm happy with our financial situation. What can I do to help him see that things are fine? My family tells me I need to leave him because the name calling is horrible. I don't want to give up, help please.”

End the Conflict and Fall Back in Love

Do you struggle with constant fighting in your marriage. Do you want to know how to end the fighting once and for all and how to be happy again? Well, I’m going to tell you the first thing to help you stop the fighting. It's simple - Don't fight.

How To Deal With Blended Family Issues

“My husband and I are a blended family, we fight all the time over kids and have horrible communication. My husband constantly belittles me.. Please help.”

End The Conflict and Fall Back In Love

Just want to feel in love again? Tired of arguing and fighting all the time? Click on the button below to discover how to stop fighting and fall back in love.


5 Tips To Stop Fighting

You don’t like to get yelled at, right? Chances are, you don’t like to be backed into a corner, verbally attacked for your actions, or have the past held over your head. Chances are, your spouse doesn’t either.

A Man’s Guide To Arguing With His Wife

Men and women have different ways of expressing themselves, as we all know. When your wife is giving you a hard time, chances are she isn’t trying to pick a fight, but has some issues with the way you are treating her (or not treating her).

How To Stop The Never-Ending Argument

Are you tired of the argument that never seems to end? Do you feel as if you argue about the same thing(s) over and over again? Do you want to stop the pain but don’t know how?

How To Stop Fighting Before It Starts

Are you tired of fighting all the time? Do you feel as if you are constantly stepping on each other’s toes? Does your partner say things that make you crazy? Does your partner shut down when you try to talk with him/her and you don’t know why?

The Truth About Anger

Does your partner get angry all the time when you’re just trying to have a conversation? Why is it so hard to get through? Wondering what it’s all about?

The #1 Things Couples Fight About

According to a recent survey, money is the most common reason married or cohabiting couples fight. Of over 1,000 American adults polled in a national telephone survey, 27 percent of participants said that disagreements over finances were most likely to erupt into an argument -- not children, chores, work or friends. The survey also found that couples average three arguments a month about financial issues.

Keep The Small Stuff Small

When couples argue, it’s all too common for past problems to come up. When tensions are high and emotions are raging, we can’t help but roll all of the problems into one, focusing our anger toward the person for ALL of their actions, instead of the issue at hand.

Discover How To Stop Anger

In our “How Strong Is Your Marriage Quiz” couples frequently report that they spend a lot of time angry with each other. Often the husband reports that he is hurt and angry because his wife has been lashing out at him and he is not always certain why this is.

How To Stop The Fighting And The Pain

Does your marriage feel like more of a burden than a blessing? Do you find yourself fighting with endlessly? Do you want to know how to end the fighting once and for all and know how to be happy again? You’re not alone. But get ready, Dr. Fillmore’s got a lot to say on fighting and in her usual style, it’s straightforward, practical and will get you thinking.


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