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  • How to avoid common mistakes you may be making in your marriage. Did you know that most people’s attempts to save their marriage fail?
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  • Clear, straightforward steps you can take immediately to get your marriage on track

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Dr. Dana and Amy

  1. we have been separeted for a year,and have been working on things for a year,than as of jan 3,he wont talk to me anymore at all,wont retuned my call! i give up i have been tring everything,i asked if he wants a divorse he said he dont know yet,i cant keep being a door mat!

  2. George Galloway says:

    Went to purchase the product, however am leary of submitting all of my personal address info, credit card info and security code on credit card as well.
    Is there another way to order without disclosing the security code to credit card?

    • Hello! Thanks for your interest in purchasing StrongMarriageNow. I'd be happy to take your order over the phone if you prefer. Call our customer support line at: (619) 900-4766.

  3. My wife and I have had a extremely hard time due to an inracial relationship my wife had when she was 16. This came out in a fit of rage of anger towards me and she uses it as an "Emotional Bullet" to wound me from time to time. I told her I give her complete and unconditional forgiveness for this and other indescretions (including an emotional affair) in her life. However, she still uses this to emotionally abuse me from time to time. Althought this was 35 years ago, the emotional scares continue to damage me. I've told her how discusted and ashamed I am with her for being so careles especially at age 16 and the other party was her babysitter. I'm sorry but, I find this emotionally disturbing and unexcuseable, If this was discovered earlier in our realationship, the relationship might not have moved into a marriage. Currently we've been married for 16 years and has been the most difficult portion of our realationship. This is only one example of my wife's poor choices of indescretion. I'm truely disappointed. Can our marriage be salaveable? Her anger and my feeling towards her past have certainly damaged our relationship. By the way, I still do love my wife.

    • Hello Larry, I'm so sorry for the pain you've been experiencing over these issues. Did you get a chance to listen in to the teleseminar? In the call, Dr. Dana walks you through the 6 steps to recover from an affair. She also covered the essential relationship skills that can help you be happily married again. I encourage you to listen in above.

  4. Really got a lot of good info. from the seminar. We have been married 23 yrs. & have a 16yr. old daughter & 14 yr. old son. I went through about 3 1/2 yrs. of back surgeries due to herniated discs & fractured vertebra. Ended up with major surgery in Dec. of '08. A year ago my daughter found out from some friends at school that her dad had been having an affair with my friend & her riding teacher during that whole time period. She had to gather a lot of courage to do that & has since had a lot of behaviour issues, grades, attitude & self-esteem issues. My husband at first wanted to work on the marriage, but only for about the first few months. Now he is back & forth between asking for a divorce & saying he is sorry. He is also an alcoholic with some anger issues. His close sister died around the time of my first back surgerie & he just can't deal with it as well. I try to leave him alone & forgive but there has only been a few months without the OW's cell # on our bill. He refuses counceling. Don't know what to do!

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