Relationship Challenges

Struggling With Relationship Challenges?

Is your relationship in trouble?  Are your in-laws against you?  Do you and your spouse have different priorities?  Is your marriage being impacted by addiction?

Are you looking for help for any of the following challenges?

  • Long Distance Relationship
  • Family Interference
  • Drinking & Alcoholism
  • Other Priorities Are Getting In The Way

These difficult situations can all be solved with some new information and techniques.  Here are links to videos and relationship saving articles from Dr. Dana Fillmore, Author, TV Personality, and Clinical Psychologist to help you feel the love, safety and satisfaction of a happy marriage again.

Videos To Help With Relationship Challenges

Can People Change In A New Relationship?

Can people change when they start a new relationship? Isn't it true that if you don't give yourself enough time to heal and learn from your mistakes you will fall into the old pattern again in the new relationship?


Are you feeling like your marriage has taken a back seat? Do your kids and occupations take up so much time there’s nothing left for you and your spouse?

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

How do you work on a relationship that is long distance? Discover how to reconnect and regain the passion in your marriage.

How To Deal With Blended Family Issues

Does your blended family lead to fighting all the time, and do you feel your family has horrible communication?

What to Do When Your In-Laws Are Against You

It is common for people to have issues with their spouse's in-laws. What do you do when your In-Laws are against you?

Afraid It’s Over? Spouse Wants Out?

Don’t do anything until you watch these marriage-saving videos from Dr. Dana.


Is Drinking Destroying Your Marriage?

Does your husband drink and keep promising to stop, but can not stay sober. Does he know he does bad things but denies what was done?

Married To An Addict? Divorce Is Not Inevitable

Addiction of any kind can lead to some seriously destructive behavior. Having a loving, supportive, and brave spouse may very well be the key to beating the addiction, or at least starting down the path.


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