Want To Appear On OWN (National Cable Network)?

Want to appear on OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network)?
Want to appear on the hit show Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal on OWN (The Oprah Winfrey Network)?

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) has contacted Dr. Dana to appear on their show, Unfaithful:  Stories of Betrayal, a documentary-style hit series. This series explores the psychology of infidelity and uses first person interviews with couples and therapists to educate the viewers on the deep internal issues involved with having an affair.  While we know this is a difficult topic to discuss, we have investigated the show thoroughly and believe that it depicts each member of the couple fairly and honestly.

We are currently looking for couples who are married, separated or divorced that have dealt with infidelity and are interested in helping others by retelling their story on the show.  To qualify, couples must be:

  • Married or previously married (couples do not need to currently be together)
  • Impacted by sexual infidelity
  • Both willing to appear on the show and share each of their stories
  • Currently living in the United States
  • Any ethnicity or age

Couples that appear on the show will have an opportunity to meet Dr. Dana personally for two exclusive sessions at no cost to them (please see Terms of Service below).

If you are interested in applying to be on the show with Dr. Dana, please reply to this email BY MONDAY, AUGUST 6TH and provide the following information for BOTH members of the couple:

  • First and last names (Note:  First names and where you are from can be changed; last names are never used on the show to increase confidentiality)
  • Phone numbers and addresses
  • Email addresses
  • Ethnicities
  • Ages
  • The story of your marriage including a brief history of your relationship,  what led up to the infidelity and a summary of the affair itself.  Also include the state of your relationship today.  Any help that you have received from Dr. Dana (videos, Community calls, blogs, emails, webinars, personal one-on-one sessions, etc.) would be great to include but is not required to qualify for the show.

For more information and clips of the show, check out the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) site:
Unfaithful:  Stories of Betrayal
Please REPLY BY EMAIL TO info@strongmarriagenow.com by August 6th with the information listed above to apply to appear on the show.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Dana and Amy



  1. Discover how to feel the love again in your marriage
  2. Get your partner checked back into your relationship
  3. Get past the pain and move forward