Money Problems

Money Problems In Relationships

Do you and your spouse fight about money?  Are you struggling to make ends meet?  Are financial problems driving a wedge in your relationship?

70% of all divorces can be traced back to disagreements around money and division of labor so if you’re struggling with this difficult issue, you’re not alone.  There are solutions to your finance and money problems.  Check out Dr. Dana’s advice below.

In order to get past the stress and tension around money in your marriage, you need open and honest communication, a healthy way to resolve conflict and be able to forgive. Here are some links to related categories of articles and videos that will help you get on the same page on your finances and be happy again.

Video On Money Issues

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How To Stop Arguing About Money

Are you struggling to get on the same page about money? Frustrated that your partner wont listen to you?


The #1 Things Couples Fight About

According to a recent survey, money is the most common reason married or cohabiting couples fight. Of over 1,000 American adults polled in a national telephone survey, 27 percent of participants said that disagreements over finances were most likely to erupt into an argument -- not children, chores, work or friends.

Warning Against Financial Dishonesty

In a marriage, hiding the truth is never a good idea… and when it comes to money, technology is only making it more difficult to cover your tracks. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on the perils of hiding financial information from your spouse, consulting with divorce lawyers, accountants, and forensic experts about sneaky transactions, digital paper trails, and the oh-so-common fight over money.

5 Most Common Fights And How To Stop

While constantly arguing with your spouse doesn’t make for a happy marriage, your relationship can suffer as badly if you hold back feelings until you finally explode. And there are certain subjects that tend to come up more frequently in marriages than others. Here are five common conflicts that we have found are experienced by numerous couples and how best to resolve them.

How To Stop Fighting About Money

Do you fight about money all the time? Do you resent each other even when you don’t talk about it? Do you feel as if you are no longer a team? Are you unsure what to do about this?


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