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Video Transcript - Dr. Dana's Help to Manage Your Priorities

Hi, I’m Dr. Dana. Thanks for taking our survey! The results indicated that other priorities are interfering with your marriage. That’s not surprising as many people today have their priorities way off. We can spend a great deal of time as individuals in our separate jobs with separate interests. We spend a lot of time together as husband and wife with friends and family, paying bills, and taking care of the home. And many of us spend a lot of our time as a mom and a dad, playing with the kids, enjoying family time. But most of us spend very little time as a “man” and a “woman” alone together.

This lack of time spent together is often at the root of many of the complaints that couples make: “We just don’t feel connected anymore,” or “He doesn’t pay enough attention to me,” or “She’s always mad at me,” or “We aren’t having enough sex.” When I hear these complaints, I know for a fact that these things are happening, in large part, because among their priorities, spending time alone together is usually last on their list.

In order, our priorities should always be:

    1. Marriage
    2. Children
    3. Job
    4. Family and Friends

Married couples, simply, do not spend nearly enough time alone together. You might have heard me say this before in the Most Important Lesson video on our website, but most married couples spend as little as one hour a week alone together. The average couple with kids sometimes none. The average couple having an affair can spend up to 15 hours alone per week. Can you believe that? I recommend that couples spend at least eight hours alone together every week. That’s right, eight hours alone! That means no kids, no TVs, no computers and no phones! Eight hours alone so they can talk and connect. I know this sounds overwhelming but trust me, it’s not as hard as you think. I walk you through exactly how to make the time, plan the time and give you over a hundred ideas of things you can do together in our StrongMarriageNow System.

I encourage you to make your marriage a priority and spend time alone together. This one change can truly transform your marriage and make everything easier.

If you feel like you need more help with getting your priorities in order or if you’re just looking for a way to fix your marriage and be happy again, I teach you how in our StrongMarriageNow System. To learn more about the System, click on the button below. It may be just what you need to have the love, connection and happiness you deserve.

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