Mid-life Crisis & Health Issues: Marriage Challenges

Health issues like menopause, depression and chronic illness can significantly impact a marriage.  Mid-life Crisis can send your marriage into a tail-spin.  At those times spouses tend to re-evaluate what is important to them, what they want out of life and can sometimes determine that their marriage isn’t meeting their needs.

These issues must be handled carefully to ensure that the couple can survive these challenges.  Handled incorrectly can damage your relationship and cause your partner to pull away from you.

Here are some videos and articles to help you weather the challenges that a mid-life or health crisis can create.  Dr. Dana Fillmore is an Author, TV Personality and Clinical Psychologist who has been helping couples and families for over 16 years.  Check out her advice below.

Videos on Health & Mid-Life Crisis Solutions

What To Do When Your Spouse’s Feelings Have Changed And You Feel Blindsided

Even though many people don't want to acknowledge it, people can change over the course of a long term relationship. There are ways to adapt so you don't feel so lost in the new state of things

Midlife Crisis Threatening Your Marriage?

How can you save your marriage when your partner is in the throes of midlife crisis and wants to throw everything away?

Are Health Issues Harming Your Marriage?

What do you do if you suspect depression or something else with your spouse?

Is he having a mid-life crisis

Has your spouse moved out and is emotionally distant from you? Does he not say whether or not he wants this marriage to work. Is he having a midlife crisis?

Afraid It’s Over? Spouse Wants Out?

Don’t do anything until you watch these marriage saving videos from Dr. Dana.



Does a Better Marriage Lead To Better Health?

Is it possible that being married has an impact on the quality of your health? This is a resounding “yes!”. Simply being married can have a few positive benefits for our overall health, and it’s not hard to see why.

Top 10 Cities For Staying Young

While aging is inevitable, the rate of aging is not. In other words, each city’s ranking is based on a unique assessment of the healthy lifestyles, (or lack of them!) in that metropolitan area.


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  • kim

    I believe my husband is having a midlife crisis, he told me he didn't love me anymore but right before that he was saying he wanting to do boxing then the next week he was saying he wanted to go to the gun range then he say he dont know he just needs something but he dont know.i no we are no where near what we had vision 11 years ago and I am pretty sure it my fault everytime we get ahead I find away to set us back. How do I handle this without pushing him away what and how can I Change to better are marriage where do I start. I believe it's an emotional crisis

  • rbts327

    My husband has been having an affair for 2 yrs I questioned him back then but he kept saying she was just a friend. I kept coming to the conclusion that he was having an affair with they woman but they both kept telling me nothing was happening. I continued to get this gut feeling then decided I need to know. Well I found out by leaving the house and left my phone recording. While I was gone they TANGO each other so they could see each other as they talked. I found out everything and my husband owned up to it. FINALLY! However; as it is he has developed feelings for this woman. He says he loves me and doesn't want to loose me. So for about a month and a half I have continued our relationship and he still sees her. He tells me he doesn't see it working with her and its to painful to even think about living with out me. But he continues to go out with her. I tell him he needs to really know if he wants to continue with her or stay with me because once he says he is with me she is out of the picture for good. I said if he cant say that then just move on with her. meanwhile Im not able to live on my own as I am recovering from a broken hip and been off work. I purchased the program and it helps with my state of mind. mostly Im very calm and let him have his space when he needs it. But every now and again I feel I cant do this anymore, He is not interested in the program. he has listened to videos but he said not interested. He continues to say Im a great wife we have a great marriage its nothing I have done It is him. We are 57 yrs old and been married 39+ yrs. I just don't know if Im doing the right thing. I know deep down he will come back to me but how long do I wait? The other woman wants him to stop sleeping with me and get a divorce but he tells her she is my wife and I love her, I will always love her, I will always make love to her. I know what he is going through is a midlife crisis.

    • Mike_Olsen_SMN

      If you husband wants it to work with you and he doesn't see it working with you, he needs to stop seeing her. NOW. That's not a question. Right now, he is playing you both and getting both of your benefits. That's not okay. Only then can you work on repairing the damage he's caused.