Are You Dealing With a Partner Who's “Checked Out?”
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Do you want to:

  • Get your Spouse Checked Back In to Your Marriage
  • Stop the Pain and End your Hurt Feelings
  • Stop feeling Stuck and Move forward
  • Avoid Common Mistakes that Can Threaten Your Marriage
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Hi, I’m Dr. Dana Fillmore. I’m a Clinical Psychologist and I’ve been helping couples and families for over 15 years. One of the things I specialize in is helping the really tough cases. People come to see me when they can’t think of anything else to do to help their marriage.

Now, if you’re reading this, you may be in that place. It’s likely you feel that your partner has pretty much “checked out” of your marriage and is unwilling to work on it. Does one of the following describe your situation?

  • Maybe you’re a “happily” married couple going about your daily lives, but you never really interact as a man and a woman and something is missing and has been for awhile now.
  • Maybe there’s a general state of apathy on one or both partners parts - in other words, “I’m not really “in love” with you anymore, but I’m not going anywhere either.”
  • Maybe you’re engaged in a cold war - where there’s not constant fighting exactly, but underlying resentments are leading to withdrawal and avoidance.
  • Maybe you’re the couple who constantly promises to change, but no action is ever taken to make things better.
  • Maybe you’re the couple who is constantly fighting and the hurt and resentment has taken its toll on both partners and/or the rest of the family.
  • Maybe one of you has become interested in or even involved with someone else.
  • Or, worst of all, maybe someone has already moved out or even filed for divorce.

These are all incredibly difficult and painful situations and I applaud you for facing the problem, reaching out, and taking action to make a change.

We were on the verge of separating, now we’re back on track*

"I am so happy we found the StrongMarriageNow System. Prior to this, we were fighting a lot and on the verge of separation. We already see a big difference. My husband, James, and I both think the program is great. It has definitely helped us out. The System is easy to follow. Dr. Dana is great at coming across like she is in the room with you. It feels like a real one-on-one session. We can't thank you enough for helping us!"
- James and Monique — Maryland

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Try our Special 2-part Video Package:
How to Get Your "Checked Out" Partner Checked Back In To Your Marriage

You'll be able to finally solve these issues:

  • Uncooperative partner
  • Spouse who won’t listen
  • Pain over past or ongoing hurts
  • Lack of affection and appreciation
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Underlying resentment
  • Poor communication
  • Constant fighting
  • Anger issues
  • Loneliness
  • Threat of divorce

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Are You Struggling With Any of These Problems in Your Marriage?
Our Program Can Help You and Your Spouse Start Working Together Again

There are two videos in this series. In the first video, Dr. Dana will explain the difference between couples who stay married and those who don’t. She’ll talk about the typical love-cycle within a marriage, and tell you how to get your spouse to watch the next two videos in the series. By the end of the video, you’ll have hope and some clear steps to get your spouse checked back in again.

The second video is specifically designed to help motivate the spouse who is checked out to work on the marriage. In this video, Dr. Dana talks about how being happily married is a learned skill. She is extremely blunt about the meaning of commitment and gives some very straightforward facts about the impact of divorce. She offers helpful advice on avoiding common mistakes that many couples make in their marriages. Dr. Dana also explains that there are clear easily “do-able” steps both you and your partner can take to get your marriage back on track. She lists the practical skills that lead to a happy marriage. And finally, she tells you where you can learn them and how to make them last.

Why am I so confident? I’ve helped hundreds of couples who were on the verge of divorce turn their marriages around. Here are just two stories of couples whose marriages were revitalized.

Randy Bennett, MA, LMFT, LCPC, has this to say about StrongMarriageNow

"I agree with Dr. Dana's philosophy and approach. She has created a program which effectively covers the skills everyone needs to deal with the tough issues. One key to having a healthier relationship is learning better skills. Often couples do what they do because they don't know what else to do. Dr. Dana explains what else you can do!

She has a very effective format utilizing both the written and visual mediums. Her video format is great. It feels like she's talking to you one-on-one. Her methods are easy to understand and apply. She empowers the motivated partner and works to re-engage the checked out partner. I believe that this System can help almost any couple regardless of the present state of their relationship."

Don’t Let Your Marriage Slip Away

Let me tell you one last common mistake people make when considering whether to check back into their marriage. Many people believe they should wait to even try to mend their marriage until they feel “in love” again. In other words, they’re waiting to take any action to fix the marriage until they get the sensation that they want to fix the marriage and it’s the cart before the horse argument, isn’t it? Learning the skills I teach and working on your marriage leads to those loving feelings again.

Did you see the movie Field of Dreams? Marriage is a lot like that - “build it and it will come.” Have faith. Trust the process. Learning these skills revitalizes your marriage and, therefore, allows you to fall back in love with the person you’re already married to!

Dr. Dana On Steve Harvey Show, "Is Bickering A Sign Of The End?"

Dr. Dana recently appeared on the Steve Harvey Show and helped three different couples who were struggling with bickering in their marriage. There were three couples: newlyweds, tired parents with kids, and empty nesters and Dr. Dana's powerful advice helped them get back on track.

Clip of Dr. Dana on the Steve Harvey Show

Dr. Dana On Oprah Winfrey Network Hit Show, "Unfaithful, Stories of Betrayal"

Dr. Dana recently appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Network hit show, Unfaithful, Stories of Betrayal. She helped Anna and Oscar survive the pain of an affair and heal their relationship.

Clip of Dr. Dana on the Oprah Winfrey Network Hit Show, "Unfaithful, Stories of Betrayal"

Can this really work if it’s not face-to-face?

You might not realize that couples counseling is very different than individual counseling. So much of it is teaching - teaching couples how to truly communicate, how to resolve conflict, how to learn and understand their partner's point of view, etc. In fact, it's when couple's therapists attempt to be mediators - attempt to judge who is right and who is wrong - that they get into trouble and can actually damage the relationship. In fact, 75% of couples who go to marriage counseling actually end up breaking up! You don't want to become dependent on your therapist and be in therapy forever. Your counselor won't be standing in the kitchen mediating your fight over who should be responsible for doing the dishes! You have to learn to do it yourselves and the our videos offer the perfect way for you to learn.

StrongMarriageNow gives you easy rules to follow*

"Dr. Dana has given me solid tools to use to help me in my marriage. I love how Dr. Dana is so direct, she tells you like it is!! And guys can totally relate to her too. Instead of taking lots of time to analyze each situation, she gives you easy rules to implement each day of your life. When I have used the techniques, I notice immediate changes, in how my husband and I relate to each other and how I feel about myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Dana to all of my friends." Carrie - Del Mar, CA

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All in the Privacy of Your Own Home

You don’t need to air out your issues in front of a stranger. You can watch the videos in the privacy of your own home. All you need is a computer. Are you willing to invest in your marriage?

We're boyfriend and girlfriend again!*

“I felt stuck, at a dead end. Throughout our 18-year marriage, I had tried many times to get my husband to see a counselor, but it was always a BIG NO. We weren’t going to get a divorce but I felt like our marriage could be a lot better. When I talked to him about the videos, he was right away willing to sit down and watch them with me."

"We’re now more of a couple rather than just parents. It’s like we’re boyfriend and girlfriend again! Thank you Dr. Dana and StrongMarriageNow for the opportunity to use your videos for my marriage..... love it!!!!!!” -- Gabriela and Rafael P, San Diego, CA

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Dr. Dana Fillmore Has a Proven Track Record

Unlike most of the people offering online marriage advice, I have Masters and Doctorate Degrees in Psychology and have been actually saving marriages for over 15 years. In fact,

Three out of four couples who have followed my advice report that they want to stay together, not just that they will stay together but that they WANT to stay together.*

The typical success rate for counselors across the nation is only one in four. All the concepts in the StrongMarriageNow Video Courses are based on years of scientific research and my experience.

*Results may vary. See footer for more details.

On a personal note, I’ve been married for over 18 years and am a working mother with two kids. I know how hard it is to balance everything in life. We have struggled over the years with the very same issues that effect most couples. Earlier in our marriage, we had the typical fights over money, careers, and division of household responsibilities, just to name a few. There were certainly times when we felt distant and disconnected. But, we knew we wanted an exceptional marriage so we regularly applied the very skills I teach in this System, and still do to this day. I can honestly say this has made all the difference.

I immediately saw a difference*

"Dr Fillmore's advice has been invaluable to me and my family. Her advice is direct and actionable but she never criticizes. She helps you to understand that there is no fault. We have different ways of expressing ourselves and it is important to recognize our differences and work with them rather than being angry that things aren't going our way. With her simple, straightforward approach, you'll immediately start seeing a difference in your marriage." – Robyn, La Jolla, CA

*Results may vary. See footer for more details.

Imagine Your Future If You Take Action Right Now!

Imagine Feeling This "In-Love" Again

Imagine Feeling This "In-Love" Again

Okay, now imagine how life will be in a few weeks...if you handle your painful marriage issues right now. How will a happier marriage impact your life? Will you have more confident, successful children? Will you live longer and be healthier? Will you have the energy and support to pursue your dreams? Will you be a fun person to be around at home? At work? Will you avoid the thousands of dollars it costs to divorce?

How to Get Your Spouse Checked Back In

This program is specifically designed to motivate your spouse to check back in. Dr. Dana shares essential information you both need to know to commit to working together on your marriage, solving your issues and enable you to build the marriage you really want. The program is the only online video solution where you can get a world class therapist to come to you immediately on your computer in the privacy of your own home. The program includes:

  1. Video #1: How to Get Your Partner Checked Back In ($249 Value)
    • The secret of couples who are happily married... and you can feel that way too!
    • Why your marriage is the way it is and how to easily change it for the better and make it last
    • 5 Steps to get your spouse to hear Dr. Dana's advice and checked back into your marriage
  2. Video #2: How To Make The Best Decision For You (designed for your spouse to commit to working on the marriage again) ($449 Value)
    • You'll discover that being happily married again is possible and Dr. Dana will tell you how
    • Explore what commitment means to you and it can change your life
    • Little known facts you NEED to know about divorce and what might happen to your life and your kids
    • Steps you can take to get your marriage back on track and believe it or not, it wont be that hard
    • How you can get the help you need to have the life you truly want

*Results may vary. See footer for more details.

Total value of $698.00

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Just try the "How To Get Your Partner Checked Back In" Solution...

  1. If you do not see the relationship transformation you expect in one year
  2. If you don’t feel more hopeful in the first 30 days
  3. If you just don’t like the way the site is designed, the font we used, you name it!

We will gladly refund 110% of your money - no questions, no hassles!

Okay, You Want this Solution, But You Feel Like You Can't Afford It, Right?

How much would it be worth it to you to save your marriage? How would you feel to living a loving, connected life with your spouse again? Imagine how relieved and comforted you would be to be getting your marriage back on track again. Would you be able to sleep soundly without worrying? Would your kids be happier? Consider those factors when making your decision about how to save your marriage.

P.S. Dr. Dana can really help you. Do you want to stop feeling stuck and move forward again? Do want clear steps you can take to reconnect with your partner? Want to feel like you and your spouse are building your life together again rather than drifting further and further apart? The 2-part Video Package: How to Get Your Partner Checked Back In To Your Marriage, an innovative alternative to traditional counseling, will help get you there. Dr. Dana will teach you:

  • How to approach your checked out partner to help get them checked back in
  • The 5 steps to kindly ask them to listen to Dr. Dana’s advice
  • Why your spouse might have checked out in the first place
  • How to connect again
  • How to rebuild your marriage

P.P.S. Imagine what your life will be in a few days or even a year, if you TAKE ACTION and invest in your marriage today! Will you be able to sleep well again? Will you feel more hopeful about your future? Will you feel more at peace? DON”T WAIT! Get started with our Special 2-part Video Package TODAY!

Your Happiness Is Our Business. Find Out More About Marriage Counseling At

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  1. mark cardenas says:

    Hi, my wife recently told me she is not in love with me and that we should separate which we are currently are we been married for 6 years and we have 2 kids a 1 year old and a 5 year old she said she been feeling like this after we had our first child before that she was in love with me and also when we we're dating during the 3 months she got pregnant and we got married right away so everything happen so fast and for 6 years she been trying to show affection like a wife should do towards her husband with true love and also her sex drive went low as well now am sleeping in our guest room she doesnt wear her wedding bands and me as well and i ask her if there someone else and she say no i believe her i really love her and i want to save our marriage i want to make sure if your e book will work for my situation help!

  2. Please HELP!

    My wife & I have been married for two years. We have two children. We have a daughter (4) from her ex boyfriend and we have our son (1). I am 28 and she will be 23 in March. We've had communication problems and I placed a lot of emphasis on sex with her without turning her on emotionally. In January 2015 we got an abortion because we found out she was pregnant but we couldn't handle it since we already had a newborn. I supported her decision and was there for her. It was her second abortion (her first was with her ex). She fell into a depression that I didn't really know how to be there for. She turned to a female friend and had an emotional affair. We handled things and we continued. Months later we had an incident. We went out with our neighbors to fo clubbing and drinking. She would grab and touch in my private places and i would be turned on. When we got home she fell asleep but I was in the mood. I attempted to wake her up to have sex. I asked her if she wanted to and she consented but she wasn't fully awake. We had sex and the next morning she felt like i had taken advantage of her. I promised it would never happen again but 2 months later it happened again. I expressed that it was a misunderstanding because all of the signs were there that she wanted to have sex but I apologized because I shouldn't have attempted after seeing that she was too far gone once we got home. I found out she had been touched by a father figure when she was younger and her mother had gone through a rape situation though i don't know the details. She told me she felt like i didn't respect her and she couldn't trust me nor did she feel safe around me anymore. She stopped changing in front of me, didn't want me touching her at all, and we barely kissed. We had sex twice after and she felt turned on at first but would then feel awkward and just want me to finish. We were going to counseling together and she was asking for changes from me. In some ways I had but in others i fell back knto the same pattern. I am in the military. I re-enlisted for another year so that I could financially take care of my family. I didn't want to but she thought it would be best for us and we came up with a plan for the future. So she moved back to florida prior to my deploymwnt with the kids and i was able to spend leave with them before I left. We got into an argument the second day. She expressed feeling numb and i felt like i had a roomate instead of a wife. I just wanted to show her changes and work on things. She wanted a seperation. Her and the counselor had spoken about using the deployment as time & space to focus on our individual selves while remaining faithful and coming back together to make the marriage stronger. I turned it down because i was afraid of being out of sight and out of mind. Especially now that she would be in florida instead of kansas. We had sex that night and a couple of more times during the rest of those 3 weeks of leave. We looked back to normal because we were cuddling, having sex, kissing, and she was changing in front of me. I thought she put her guard down. So then i deployed and during the next 2 weeks she would post quotes on facebook and u could tell she was going through something. I attempted to let her know i was there and that i loved her. I told her that by also showing those things on facebook that other people would see and trying to be a leaning shoulder because i know how men are. She took my concern as me trying to keep the perfect image of us in the public. 2 weeks after i deployed she sent me a long email saying that she was done. She couldn't continue another single day of acting and she had no will left to fight. She felt sick and unhealthy and claimed to have been done since kansas but that she continued hoping things would change. I pleaded for time but she had made her decision she claimed. She felt nothing and lost everything for me. I held out hope and now 2 months later i found out she was talking to someone and had slept with him while visiting family in new jersey about a month after i left. She claims not to talk to this person anymore because they felt bad that she was still technically married. She took off the ring prior to this and claims that since she told me she wanted a divorce that we are no longer together. I don't know what to do. I expressed that i am willing to forgive her and work on our marriage but she still stands by divorce. We had it so amazing and we were in so much love. I feel like we had a rough year. She claims she needs space to be able to fully forgive me but can't do so if i keep acting on impulses. I know i've never truly given her time and space but im afraid if she will continue to talk to the other guy or if she remains thinking of him instead. I don't want to lose my family. I'm deployed for another 6 months. She claims i destroyed her. She continues to share quotes on facebook like she is going through something and claims to be working on her happiness. I feel like she views me as someone so negative to her and that i'm a lesson. I'm afraid. I want to save my marriage and forgive so that we can work on our marriage and what we once had but she wants space and i feel like im in limbo. I've done so much for her before we were even married and our daughter. I don't want her to lose a 2nd father. What can i do? She says the respect can never come back, i destroyed her, and she lost everything for me. I'm desperate to keep my family together and for her to see that divorce isn't the answer. Please help me.

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