Affair-Proof Your Marriage System

Protect Your Marriage From an Affair With a Proven Step-by-Step System, EVEN if you’re the only one working on it.*

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This System Is Right For You If You're...

  • Feeling lonely and worried your husband or wife might stray
  • Feeling "not in love" and have grown apart
  • Tired of fighting
  • Unhappy in your marriage
  • Trying to rebuild your marriage after an affair

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Dr. Dana FillmoreHi, I'm Dr. Dana Fillmore, America's Leading Authority on Marriage Success. Working on your marriage can be tough. Not working on it can be even worse. And trying to "fix it" with blame, shame and fighting can destroy it all together. Unfortunately, the patterns of avoidance or endless conflict are the most common approaches couples use to attempt to solve their marriage problems.

This isn't because they think this works or they don't care, it's because they typically know no other way.

Sadly, after years of trying to work on their marriage, many couples just give up. Divorce, while an end to the relationship pain, brings it's own set of painful consequences; financial resources are cut dramatically, children of divorced parents often have lower self-esteem and may have significant difficulties later in relationships of their own, and did you know that a divorced person's life span can actually be cut short? These are all things to think about when considering whether to give up or work on your marriage.

But what about the partner who does want help working on their marriage? Often times, couples don't get help because there is one member of the couple that is reluctant to go to counseling. StrongMarriageNow offers an Alternative to Traditional Marriage Counseling that really works.

Affair-Proof Your Marriage System

Learn how to get on the same page with your spouse and protect your marriage from the risky behaviors that can be “slippery slopes” to affairs. The System includes specific steps you can to strengthen your marriage so that neither spouse will be tempted to stray. The course includes a video on each of the following topics:

  • Get on the Same Page Video
  • Slippery Slope
    • Outside Influences Video
    • Who You Are as an Individual Video – Part 1
    • Who You Are as an Individual Video– Part 2

Here's What You'll Experience With the Affair Proof Your Marriage System

Each video teaches specific skills you can apply and steps you can take to turn your marriage around.*

Get On The Same Page

  • Increase satisfaction and joy in your marriage by setting realistic expectations
  • Define boundaries and rules to protect you and your family
  • Tend your "Marriage Garden" so that your love can bloom
  • Choose to trust and build a stronger connection

Is Your Marriage On A Slippery Slope?

  • You'll discover the real truth about affairs
  • How even you or your spouse's job or lifestyle can put you at risk
  • How to avoid one of the biggest marriage killers of the last 10 years

Are You Unknowingly Risking Your Marriage And Family?

  • Potential impact of shadow selves and how irresistible the pull can be
  • Effects of childhood
  • How to truly know yourself and your partner
  • Understanding mental health issues that can damage your relationship
  • The dangers of substance abuse
  • What to do to protect your marriage

*Results may vary. See footer for more details.

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