Considering Couples Therapy? How To Fix Your Relationship

Looking for a couples therapist? Do you feel like you're the only one trying? Have one or both of you fallen out of love?

The good news is that one person can make a huge difference in a relationship. But, you’ve got to do it right, with the right help, from the right couples therapist. Most people trying to fix their relationship problems make mistakes that end up pushing their loved one farther away from them rather than winning them back. Additionally, many counselors aren't qualified to work with couples and can damage your relationship so it's essential to get advice from a qualified expert.

Here are links to powerful articles and videos from Dr. Dana Fillmore, Couples Therapist, Author, TV Relationship Expert and Clinical Psychologist, to help you win back your partner's affection and have a happy relationship again. Start getting help without even having to schedule an appointment.

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How To Save Your Marriage On Your Own. It Is Possible!

Even if one partner wants a divorce or separation, it is still possible to recover what has been lost. You can save your marriage even if you are the only one willing to work on it. It may be easier than you think.

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What To Do When Your Partner Wont Go To Couples Counseling

One day you may wake up to discover that you and your spouse have become roommates instead of loving partners. Even if your spouse won't go to couples therapy, it is still possible to get them to recommit to your relationship.

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Is It Time To Call It Quits?

It is common to lose intimacy in a long term relationship. After many years, you may discover that your partner has completely checked out. Discover how to reconnect and regain the passion.

Can Couples Therapy Be Risky?

Many people respond to anger and resentment with silence. Even if your spouse remains silent for several days, you can reopen the lines of communication in your relationship.

Warning: The Wrong Therapist Can Harm Your Marriage

Couples counseling has something of a bad reputation. Success rates are dismal, and for many couples, enrolling in marriage counseling signifies the beginning of the end of a relationship. This, however, should not be seen as a shortcoming of marriage counseling itself, but rather a shortcoming of individual counselors who provide counseling to couples without any formal training....

Afraid It’s Over? Partner Wants Out?

Don’t do anything until you watch these relationship saving videos from Dr. Dana.

Six Ways to Avoid Marriage Counseling

Pessimism and irony aside, the simple truth of this quote is that it often ends up being a summary explanation of why some couples end up in marriage counseling. Sometimes the problems are dramatic, but much of the time they tend to occur because relationships can drift over time...

How To Avoid 3 Common Relationship Mistakes

You man notice that many couples who undergo couple's therapy end up divorcing anyway. There are many reasons this happens, and Dr. Dana offers us the three biggest mistakes couples make.

How do I choose a marriage counselor or couples therapist that's right for me and my husband?

The first thing you need to check out is: Are they a couples therapy expert? Not just do they have experience doing couples therapy, because almost every therapist will tell you that they do, but do they consider couples counseling one of the things they specialize in and do they have at least 10 years of experience doing it...

What Most Couples Don’t Know About Saving Their Relationship

Here’s what you need to know to save your relationship and succeed where others have failed.



Why Is It So Hard to Get My

Spouse To Consider Couples Therapy?

First let me say that I've heard from so many people that have a difficult time getting their partners to commit to going to marriage or couples counseling.  They worry that if he/she won't go, that they are not committed to the relationship and they don’t care about their future.

Fortunately, in most cases, this is far from the truth.  The fact is that many people are uncomfortable with going to couples (or pre-marital) counseling.  This is due to many reasons.

Some people are more comfortable leaving things as they are rather than talking about and dealing with painful issues.

couples therapy1Many people are uncomfortable discussing their issues with someone they don't know.

couples therapyMany counselors are women and their approach to relationship therapy is to use a more emotionally focused approach; in other words, to make the men “more like a woman.”  They want him to think like a woman and communicate like a woman and that just doesn't work.

Going to a couples counselor can make some people feel like a failure, that they are some how going to “couples psychotherapy” and this can feel threatening.

Some people are concerned about the time it will take and how much couples counseling can cost.

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To Couples Therapy

Check out Dr. Dana’s free couples counseling videos to fix your relationship.   You'll discover that it's possible to fall back in love, rekindle the passion and overcome the painful issues you're struggling with.  If you're interested, Get Dr. Dana’s Couples Counseling Videos to Fix Your Marriage!

Couples Therapy - Does it Work?

Let me tell you why so many couples fail in traditional couples counseling - the sad truth is that not all therapists are created equal – Now, I recognize that might sound strange coming from me, but let me explain what I mean:  As I’ve already mentioned, couples should not go to a therapist that isn’t qualified to do couples counseling.

Many people, (and therapists for that matter), don't realize that couples counseling is very different from individual counseling.  There is such a thing as couples counseling techniques - so much of it is teaching - teaching couples how to truly communicate, how to resolve conflict, how to learn and understand their partner's point of view, etc.

Alternative to Couples Therapy - StrongMarriageNowIn fact, it's when couples’ therapists attempt to be mediators in the room - attempt to judge who is right and who is wrong - that they get into trouble and can actually damage the relationship even further, (the truth is 3 out of 4 couples who go to couples counseling actually end up breaking up!)

Additionally, you don't want the couple to become dependent on the therapist.  A good therapist doesn't want their clients to be in therapy forever!  And after they’ve stopped coming to see the therapist, the therapist is not going to be standing in the kitchen mediating their fight over who should be responsible for feeding the dog!  They have to learn to do it themselves and here’s where, in my opinion, the StrongMarriageNow System is the perfect medium to teach them.

The StrongMarriageNow System is a great alternative to face-to-face couples help.  In fact, we’re really seeing that in most cases, watching the online videos in the privacy of your own home and completing the exercises is actually better than most face-to-face therapy.  Get a free couples therapy advice from Dr. Dana’s


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