How to Get Your Spouse Checked Back In

Want to get your partner working with you on the marriage? Try this NEW solution where Dr. Dana helps your spouse make the decision to commit to the marriage and invest the effort in the relationship.


What To Do When Your Spouse Wants Out

This program walks you step by step through the answers to the questions "Can my marriage be saved?" "If so, what should I do?" or "Is it time to call it quits?"


Connect, Communicate and End the Fighting

Discover how to stop the fighting, make problems go away and easily communicate with your spouse. You'll learn how to get more attention and affection and how to be truly understood and heard.

“I now feel more connected to my husband and my marriage feels nicer. I don’t feel stuck anymore. "

- Gabriela and Rafael P, San Diego, CA

“We were on the verge of separating, now we’re back on track. We can't thank you enough for helping us!"

– James and Monique, Maryland

“I immediately saw a difference. Dr. Dana's advice has been invaluable to me and my family."

– Robyn, La Jolla, CA


Affair-Proof Your Marriage

Learn how to get on the same page with your spouse and protect your marriage from the risky behaviors that can be “slippery slopes” to affairs. Course material includes specific steps you can to strengthen

"Happily Ever After: How to Be Happily Married to the One You Already Married" by Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart

Happily Ever After Book

Revitalize and Save Your Marriage with our Marriage Success System.

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Get The Encouragement, Support and Personal Advice You Need Feeling lonely, overwhelmed and hopeless?

Get your questions answered and discover the latest relationship secrets from Dr. Dana. Keep your marriage on track with a monthly teleconference with Dr. Dana Fillmore, a monthly magazine "Happily Ever After", monthly CD and a private forum.

StrongMarriageNow.com is an alternative to traditional marriage counseling, couples counseling, couples therapy or relationship counseling. StrongMarriage Now Systems dramatically improve relationships. Looking for Save Marriage How-To's? Have you asked yourself "How Do I Save My Marriage?" Do you want to stop divorce? If so, you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for solutions to your marriage problems or relationship problems or you just want some marriage help or marriage advice, Dr. Dana and StrongMarriageNow can help you. The StrongMarriageNow System includes downloadable step-by-step exercises and a series of online videos that couples can watch privately on their computer.

StrongMarriageNow.com was founded to help more couples have AMAZING marriages. The StrongMarriageNow System was designed to be straightforward and practical. The System provides the most important lessons that make a significant difference in relationships. Hundreds of couples were surveyed on their most important areas to improve in their relationship. Top areas included communication, spending time together, money issues and sex. The System includes 16 videos and 7 accompanying exercises dedicated to these topics.

All of the advice in the StrongMarriageNow videos is based on scientific research and Dr. Dana Fillmore's experience. The skills and concepts have been proven effective in countless studies as well as in Dr. Fillmore's practice.

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